Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hilary Duff is Likable

I don't get the plastic ring necklace, but Hilary Duff is still likable.

Look at the intensity on Hilary Duff's face. How can you not like her?

I think her break up with Joel Maddel was the best thing for Hilary Duff. Look at her. She's got life back in her.

It cracks me up that she's wearing these sweatpants to work-out. I dressed like this in high school, but you gotta love her.

Miley Cyrus is the New Lindsay Lohan?!?!

With this outfit, I'm torn about Miley Cyrus' identity. She repeatedly wears these boots (not that there is anything wrong with that) reminds me of Britney Spears. Her peace signs? Defnitely Lindsay Lohan. Maybe she's lost. After all, she's only 15. She has time to figure out who she is.

Miley Cyrus has been photographed like crazy lately. Here she is with mom Tish (I love her mom's top). Miley loves this T-shirt look as you will see below.

Not exactly the same T-shirt, but you get the idea. She's flashing the Lindsay Lohan "peace" sign. I personally think it's rubbish that Lindsay laid claim to that sign. You can take a picture of any Chinese person in the world but especially in China and they will give you the peace sign.

And the peace sign again. I like this purple dress on Miley Cyrus.

She has some chubby cheeks.

The T-shirt is back. Check out her friend's pants. They are low.

Because She's Asian: Zhang Zi Yi

I had a hard time at first liking Zhang Zi Yi because of all the comparison to Gong Li (I am a fan of hers), but she's growing on me.

I don't understand why she's dating this guy. This picture cracks me up because it is so Asian. Even though she's a big celebrity, she still a little modest when it comes to PDA. I wonder if he had a talk with her about this afterwards.

My Fave in Jeans

I know it's crazy to like this top on Mena Suvari, but I like the style. It looks comfortable and forgiving.

Kate Moss in her signature skinny jeans and pout.

For a second there, I thought this was Lindsay Lohan, but it's Amy Adams. I do not like the scarf look like this.

Cameron Diaz stepping out in really skinny jeans. Not sure whose hand she's holding.

Haylie Duff should not wear anything that shines. Period. I do like the nude shoes.

My Fave: Cindy Crawford is flawless. There is a rumor that she will be a permanent host on The View. I hope she replaces Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Sherri Shepperd or Joy or Whoopi. Anybody.

Tony Parker must have a lot of confidence in his wife, Eva Longoria because she hangs out with Mario Lopez a lot. I believe that men and women can be friends AFTER they have that uncomfortable talk after one inevitably falls for the other. If they can get through that awkward talk, then friendship is possible. What do you think?

Emma Watson Loses Baby Fat; Turning 18

Emma Watson's dress looks like it ran out of fabric and the designer had to "make do." She looks to be really thin now. Those shoes are really wrong with the dress.

Doesn't Emma Watson look rexi skinny here?

Celebrity Maternity Fashion: Jessica Alba

This is a totally cute maternity dress on Jessica Alba and might I add, slimming?

Brown belts are really "in" right now and Jessica Alba wearing it while pregnant is incredulous.

This is why cardigans get the "frumpy" look a lot. Jessica Alba looks like she's really down in the dumps here.

When Jessica Alba is wearing maternity jeans, it shows that she is gaining weight.

Ashlee Simpson Skinny and Happy

I am totally liking the red hair Ashlee Simpson. Her punk look is back as well as her smile. Maybe because she's got some meat on her bones?

She's definitely no longer rexi skinny looking. I love these gladiator like shoes. I went shopping with a friend looking for these but couldn't find any. She recently told me that she got some. Funny how friends influence each other.

Katie Holmes Pregnant?!?

Maybe it will finally explain why Tom Cruise likes to hold Katie Holmes' hand all the time whenever they are together. Love her shoes.

Katie Holmes is wearing the same dress that Angelina Jolie wore recently. Maybe this is why there are speculations of a possible pregnancy?

Katherine Heigl and Her Red Purse

Katherine Heigl with husband Josh Kelley. Her style is totally growing on me. I love her red purse. You know the one. She carries it almost everywhere.

Yes, this red purse. Love the rings and the wide-legged jeans.

Katherine Heigl looks 70s meets Paris meets present day with this outfit. The red purse just goes with everything!

I adore this outfit on Katherine Heigl. The red purse even goes with this outfit!

The ever faithful red purse and the even more faithful ciggy. Katherine Heigl's new year resolution is to not smoke, but it was obviously short-lived.

No red purse, but a red dress! I guess red on red is a bit much even for Katherine Heigl.

Kate Hudson Doesn't Look Pregnant

Is it crazy to like this bikini on Kate Hudson? I guess all those rumors of a possible pregnancy can be laid to rest with this picture. Her tummy looks flat.

This dress makes me think of her mama, Goldie Hawn.

Why would Kate Hudson ride a bicycle with a dress like that?

Magazine Covers

I am a fan of Natalie Portman, but I haven't watched any movies of her that strikes me as "phenomenal!"

I've been wondering if Victoria Beckham would be this famous if she were married to some random dude instead of David Beckham. I'm guessing not since we don't hear much about the other Spice Girls.

I am baffled every time I see pictures of Demi Moore. She's 46!

Did Eva Longoria Parker think that this look was okay to grace on a magazine cover?

Orange and pink is the new black and white. Ha, ha. Just kidding. Hilary Duff showing off her spring essentials? For the record, I think orange and pink do look kind of cool together.

Hayden Panetierre says that she's comfortable in her size because she knows "how to work her body." Made me LOL.

Kate Beckinsale looks like a 50s pin-up girl on this cover.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

It's unfair to put Lisa Marie Presley under this post, but I wanted to show that she's not fat; she's pregnant. She is suing some tabloid for calling her fat. Wow. That's awesome! I hope she wins!

It's probably the blunt pull back look, but Rachel McAdams looks really thin here.

I just know that one of these days, Renee Zellweger is going to come out with her confession with an eating disorder.

Shar Jackson looks thinner, but she has an "apple" shaped body (where the top is bigger than the bottom).

Rexi skinny Victoria Beckham said recently that she doesn't like to work out because she can't imagine wearing flats! It's almost an admission to an eating disorder, right? I can't stand this outfit on her.

Kelly Clarkson looks about the same weight-wise, but she has gained a lot of weight since her American Idol days. I'm still a fan.

Lily Allen looks thinner to me here.

I owned a dress like this 15 years ago. Leelee Sobieski does look like she's lost a few.

I am a fan of Mandy Moore and love that she's maintaining her healthy weight.

Naomi Watts obviously lost all her baby weight, but why did she forget to wear a bra?

Courtley Love did not only lose her weight but also her fashion sense. Oh, wait. She never had that.

Christina Ricci looks really cute with this hairstyle. I totally want to watch Penelope just for her. Hopefully, she won't get rexi skinny again.

Fran Drescher looks great for her age!

Janet Jackson and her smoking hot body!

Jamie Pressly looks like she's gained several pounds, but I think it's just the angle.

Naturally rexi skinny? Angie Harmon.

Adrianna Lima is one of those models that gains a few when she's not modeling.

I can't tell if Amy Winehouse has gained some weight, but she looks a tad better.

Getting rexi-skinny Celine Dion.

Has Carmen Electra gained a few?