Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Fave LBD

I love Vanessa Hudgen's fun LBD and her long gold necklaces.

I don't know why, but Helena Christensen looks really old to me and kinda scary.

Victoria Beckham and two unknown persons in their LBD.

At first glance, I thought this was Megan Fox who people say look like Angelina Jolie, but it's really Katherine McPhee. Fun and flirty LBD.

This isn't a real LBD, but Luciana Damon has been by her man's side everywhere these days.

Looking flawless, Mary Louise Parker.

This is not the way to add splash of color to your LBD. Scarlett Johansson tries too hard to be sexy.

I had a bathing suit that zipped all the way up in the front when I was in the 8th grade. Maybe Jessica Alba took it and added a skirt to it.

Am I the only one that thinks Jessica Biel kinda looks like a man?

Great LBD on Jennifer Morrison.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss should have left the mesh out of this LBD. Maybe she needed to keep her boobs from sagging. Notice the nude color heels. Adds lengths to her short frame.

Born Jenny Chan, Jennifer Tilly shows her younger starlets that she's still got it.

Some people look good with bangs and Alyson Hannigan is not one of them especially with a tablecloth for a dress.

Avril Lavigne tries so hard, but the shoes and posture just gives her away as someone that doesn't belong on the red carpet.

My Fave: I love the ruffled straps on Claire Danes Dress. It's an easy and innovative way to add this trend to a boring LBD.

Daisy Fuentes looks great after hibernating for so long.

Ellen Pompeo takes her rextremely thin self on the carpet.

Angelina Jolie In Color But Still Rextremely Thin

I wish Angelina Jolie would wear color more often because she looks so pretty with it, but if she gained 15 more pounds or so, she would even look better.

How sweet of Brad Pitt to come visit his lady love on the movie set.

Fashion Disaster

The print of the dress is very trendy right now, but the style of the dress makes Maggie Grace look like she should be stepping out of a shower instead of an event.

It's good Paris Hilton knows herself so well, but she shouldn't display it to the world.

If I still had baby weight to lose, I would wear this dress that Penny Lancaster is wearing.

I don't get this look on Rosario Dawson. A lot of celebrities have worn this style in various ways - sweater, shirt, and now a formal dress? Can she even move?

The hair and jacket combo on Paris Hilton just screams disaster.

Is Amanda Peet going to the rice paddies? High water pants and peasant top is more appropriate for the fields instead of the red carpet.

Take the hat off Bai Ling and you MIGHT have a decent outfit.

Why is Bai Ling invited to events?

Jessica Alba looks all right from the top down to her knees...but what is the deal with the brown knee-high socks? It dwarfs her height.

I have no idea who Melody Thornton is, but her army fatigue boob patch is a disaster in itself.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

It's good to see Lindsay Lohan out and about with coffee in hand and not partying with beer in tow.

However, she is losing weight pretty rapidly. Let's hope she doesn't become rextremely thin again.

She must read my blog because she's not wearing those tights as much.

The blonde hair, however is so ugly. I wish she would let her natural red hair grow back. Now, that was beautiful.

Love this jacket as well, but what's up with the hat?

My Fave Dress

Horizontal stripes dress have been in for awhile, so grab one like Jessica Alba's and spice it up with the loafer heels.

I love Kate Moss with bangs. Definitely updates her image, but I'm not feeling her dress.

Where did Kate Moss' boobs go? Wait, she's too thin to have any fat there.

Is it me or is Leanne Rhimes even thinner here? Cute dress.

It's good to see Leanne Rhimes dressed appropriately for her age instead of trying to be so much older than she really is.

Brooke Shields is dressed very appropriately for her body size and age.

My Fave: I don't know why, but I really like this skinny tie dress on Kate Bosworth. Looks like she's gained a few pounds back as well.

Kelly Rutherford looks great for her age, but this dress is so drabby and plain. Not even her belt can spice up the dress.

Megan Fox looks weirder and weider every time I see her. The weight loss is not doing her any favors. I think she's overrated.

Kristen Bell's dress is curtain-ish to me, but I love her shoes.