Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Celebrity Sighting

Don't you agree that Ashlee Simpson has been maturing into her own look lately?

I really want to see what's under Liv Tyler's coat. It looks fun and frilly.

Leighton Meester finally steps out in something ordinary but flattering.

Since when did Gwyneth Paltrow start working out?

Tara Reid looks like a hot mess at the airport. Her duffel bag makes me laugh.

Celebrity Magazine Covers

Mariah Carey is everywhere these days because her new album is out even though it's not doing so well. I'm glad only her face is on the cover.

For some reason, Alicia Keys looks totally different on a magazine cover than in real life.

I love Drew Barrymore.

British dame Helen Mirren is even selling magazines.

It's so weird to see Jessica Alba on a magazine cover without her pregnant belly.

We all know Renee Zellweger doesn't look like this!

Hilary Duff Definitely Thinner!

If you've been reading my blog, you will see that Hilary Duff has been out and about with less clothes on lately. Probably showing off her thinner physique.

I hope she doesn't whittle down to rexi skinny like did several years ago. She's pretty thin here considering she's wearing a horizontally striped tank top.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Bring Harlow Out

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie take out their well hidden daughter, Harlow. I don't get strollers like this. They look so clunky to push around. Because I live in Asia now where the sidewalks are non-existent or overcrowded with bicycles, I am afraid to take out anything in a stroller.

Don't they look like a normal couple out on a stroll? I wonder what Hilary Duff thinks about all this.

Is it too naive of me to want Nicole Richie and Joel Madden to get married and live happily ever after? Well, we know nobody lives happily ever after, but at least live together?

Would You Watch 90210 Spinoff?

The popular 90210 aired for ten years. All the high school shows now don't even begin to compare with this legendary high school drama. In a group of girlfriends, who didn't ask "which one are you - Donna, Brenda, or Kelly?" Right? Would you watch the spinoff of 90210?

Ashley Tisdale Out and About

Have you noticed that every young Hollywood starlet is now wearing gladiator sandals everywhere? The Olsen Twins popularized it last summer! All that said, I want a pair.

Ashley Tisdale so reminds me of Ashlee Simpson, but an uglier version. I'm not saying Miss Tisdale is ugly....just saying.

I've seen this LV purse in every silk alley in Asia and have never stopped to even peruse it. I don't like purses that blatantly advertises the brand. Maybe because I'd be buying the knock-off?

Fashion Watch: Kate Beckinsale

I'm surprised that Kate Beckinsale is not in the press as much because she's a pretty girl. Maybe she's too normal?

I love this coat. Kate Beckinsale looks sweet but fierce at the same time.

How can she possibly walk in this dress?

Jessica Biel Mourns Break-Up with Justin Timberlake?

Didn't Jessica Biel used to have a sunnier disposition? By the way, this cardigan is all the rage now. They are selling it at my local "silk market" for a $11 USD.

Of course, it's all conjecture at this point. Jessica Biel does look a bit on the down side walking her dog. When was the last time she was out with Justin Timberlake? I say she's better off!

She's sad and skinnier for sure. Maybe it's the blonde hair that completely washes her out.

Jessica Simpson Starts to Look Like Tony Romo

This picture cracks me up. It's as if Jessica Simpson doesn't know if she should be cheering for Dallas for the Mavericks or what, so she copies boyfriend Tony Romo's gestures. Ha, ha.

Why is Tony so calm while Jessica Simpson is screaming? Do you think she knows what she's doing? Basketball is not that hard to understand, right?

Is Heidi Klum Getting Rexi Skinny?!?!

You all know that I am a huge Heidi Klum fan after watching three seasons of Project Runway in two weeks, but she looks like she's getting rexi skinny. She's always said that she doesn't work out and that she only loses weight by chasing after her three kids.

What do you all think? Too skinny?

Adrianne Curry's Pregnant or Photo-Op?

If Adrianne Curry was trying to look like a librarian, she succeeded. Apparently when asked if she was pregnant, Adrianne Curry laughed and stepped off the red carpet. I guess we'll see...

Fergie is Pregnant?!?!

Fergie is famous for her flat abs, so this dress obviously shows that there is something in there.

If she was trying to be discreet about it, this is not the dress to choose to wear.

Carnie Wilson Admits She's Fat

Carnie Wilson admits that she's hit "rock bottom " with her weight in the latest issue of OK! Magazine. Here's what else she has to say:

"Everyone can see that I'm bigger, but I cannot hibernate," she tells OK!. "I've never lied or been dishonest about what's going on in my life. Even all these years later, having had such a great weight-loss story, being back in this place is so familiar. And it hurts. I don't want to feel this way anymore. It doesn't feel good when you have to struggle to get your pants on."

I hope she can lose the extra 45-50 pounds she wants to lose to get pregnant again.