Saturday, December 1, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

You can't really tell if Naomi Watts has lost all her baby weight, but her face does appear fuller.

Telma Hopkins is 59 years old and not looking too bad, but she should dress like one.

As with all rextreme weight loss, it's bound to return - Rumer Willis.

You can see Rumer Willis' slight weight gain in her arms.

Alicia Silverstone who is a vegan look heavier than her clueless days, but she's been at this weight for awhile.

As with all fasts, weight gain will return and then some - Ashanti.

Shiny jacket? Beyonce Knowles looks to be about the same weight.

Christina Ricci on the lower end of her weight.

Is it me or has Marcia Cross gotten even thinner?

Rextremely Thin Watch: Stacy Kiebler

I don't think Stacy Kiebler is rextremely thin yet, but she's well on her way there. She's definitely lost a lot of weight recently. Her arms look a lot thinner.

Of course, we've seen tons of pictures of her working out. Let's hope she's doing it the healthy way.

What do you all think? Is she "scary skinny" yet?

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

It's okay that Lindsay Lohan is always in tights, but please cover it up.

I can't believe she's in jeans.

She's supposedly back to dark hair. She looks so much better with her natural red hair.

My Fave Dress

Uma Thurman looks like she hasn't eaten for weeks here. Her face looks totally pale. On the side note, I do like her dress.

Zoey Deschanel is one of those celebrities that has a face that is uniquely beautiful. Can't say the same for the dress.

Continuing to lose weight, Kate Middleton.

In trying to imitate her daughter's looks, Katie Holmes. I confess that the bowl cut looks kinda cute on her.

Alicia Keys has been looking great lately.

Ali Larter continues to whittle down to rextremely thin proportions. This is one ugly dress/outfit.

My Fave: Even though I can't stand Eva Longoria, I really like this dress. The dark red and style says "classy."

Not a bad look on Haylie Duff.

Shapeless and ugly in colors - Julianne Moore. Maggie Gylenhaal looks pretty bad, too.

Celebrity Runner: Kristin Davis

I have always found Kristin Davis to be normal and plain even when she guest starred on Friends (she played Joey's girlfriend).

She seems to have gained some weight since her SATC days. I don't get clothes for dogs.

Why in the world does she have three dogs?

How can she possibly run with that down vest and that ridiculous ear muffs?

Is Eva Mendes Fat or Pregnant?

I'm kidding! Eva Mendes doesn't look fat in the least, but putting her purse in front of her belly is causing people to speculate that she might be pregnant.

I personally think that she's probably not pregnant and just ate a little too much breakfast that day.

But, then again, her behind does look like she's a little bigger. What do you all think?

The ANNOYING High School Musical Girl: Ashley Tisdale

I have no idea what she's wearing here, but it doesn't look comfortable.

Check out what the dancers are wearing behind her. They must be freezing!

I don't know what it is about Ashley Tisdale that annoys me (maybe the smout, her fashion choices?) .

Check out the boots. Yeah, it definitely says "I've arrived."

She's got the diva pout look down as well.

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

In casual attire, Vanessa Hudgens shops with her mom.

This shirt is way too short.

Her style is more on the casual side.

Doesn't it look like she's trying to advertise her purse? I think that's her mom behind her.

Britney Spears Loves Her Boots

Don't you love how she spends quality time with her sons? She's texting on the phone while her nannny pulls the wagon.

Here she is on the set of her new music video of her song "Pieces of Me."

What's the deal with these hoodie sweatshirts?

Guess What Jessica Simpson is Hiding?

Here is Jessica Simpson in short shorts and showing off some toned legs. Wanna know what she's hiding?

She supposedly had her lips done or whatever the right word is to say about that. She looks awful here if you ask me. Her parted in the middle and completely flat. And, what kind of dress is that?