Friday, July 20, 2007

Reese Witherspoon in Hawaii

Just because I like is Reese with her son Deacon in Hawaii.

Weight Watcher: Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova, the former WonderBra pictured on the right after seven weeks of giving birth to her baby boy. Pictured left is how she used to look when she struggled with rumored anoreixa. Can't believe she already lost all her weight!


Can you guess who this hippie couple is? Leave your answers in the comment section. Check to see who it is tomorrow!

Fashion Watch: Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is no "fashionista" or anything, but since she started dating annoying and rude Justin Timberlake, her fashion choices have been on the less than desired side. Here she is leaving GMA looking shapeless and rectangularly.

When Red Should Stay Red: Julianne Moore

I hope Julianne Moore dyed her hair blonde for film role because people with red hair should realize that it it so incredibly beautiful in red (ahem..Lindsay, I mean you). Anyway, here she is out and about in an outfit that looks a little plain if not outdated (high-water white pants?)

Weight Gainer: Kristin Davis

Maybe it is the outfit, but Sex and the City alum Kristin Davis looks like she's gained a few pounds. Plus, this outfit not only makes her look frumpy but outdated! What do you all think?

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Minnillo

Long summery dresses are great for flying? I guess so! Vanessa Minnillo is pictured here leaving an airport in a cute dress minus the little hole around her chest. Why do celebrities insist on showing cleavage? It's strapless - there's enough cleavage already!

Fashion Watch: Ali Larter

If I saw this top hanging on a rack in a shop, I don't think I would have tried it on. But, on Ali Larter, it looks totally cute. I'm glad she paired with some boot cut jeans instead of the wide-legged ones.

Trend Color Alert: Green

Okay, I am officially posting that this color is the new color trend because I have seen several celebrities wear this color recently. Tara Reid looks like she's lost some weight recently and I wish would have picked a different dress to show it off. Doesn't she realize that they are uneven?

Fashion Watch: Rebecca Romijin-O'Donell?

Now, this is the way to wear a loose top. Okay, so it's one piece, but it's still very cute. Rebecca is trying to be incognito with a baseball cap (perhaps new husband, Kevin's hat?), but her blonde hair and amazon-like body is a dead giveaway. I am loving her on Ugly Betty. I can't wait for it's new season.

Pregnancy Prediction Continues...Jennifer Garner

Despite the Hawaii pictures of Jennifer Garner, I am still holding on to my prediction that she's pregnant with baby #2. Her daughter with Ben Affleck is 17 months old.

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

Have you ever noticed that Paris Hilton is incapable of posing without her legs looking somewhat deformed? This get-up she has on also doesn't do her any justice to all the weight she's lost recently. I know the mod look is totally in right now, but it looks a little too big on her.

Fashion Watch: Giselle Bundchen

The only thing I like about Giselle's outfit is her shoes. But, I guess you can't really go wrong with black ballet flats. The print on her dress reminds me of window curtains from some old lady's house. Sorry, babe. Even supermodels can't look fabulous all the time. Her friend's top, however is super cute minus the weird pattern.

Pregnant Celebrity Working Out: Bridgett Moynahan

Why the long face Bridgett? Maybe she knows it will be tough to be a single mom once her baby is born (dad is her ex, Tom Brady who is dating Giselle Bundchen). Either way, kudos to her for keeping up her body while pregnant. I ran until the week I was about to deliver.

Wide-Legged Jeans: I Want One!

Rachel Bilson looking super cute in this wide-legged jeans outfit. I have been on a search hunt for these for several months now and can't seem to find one (I live in Asia, so I can't just go out to the mall and buy one). Love the blazer look with these jeans.

On the other hand, Jamie-Lynn Siegler looks a little frumpy in her wide-legged jeans (even though the jeans look is still super cute). Again, the white top is too loose to wear with these jeans (I actually think the top is too big for her). Because the bottom of the jeans are wide, the top should be a little more fitted to give you some shape to a body. Just as a side note, but doesn't Jamie-Lynn look like she's packed on a few extra pounds? She's not fat by any means.

Fashion Watch: Jessica Biel

I love this wide-legged pants on Jessica Biel although she should have worn it with a different color top. Something with a darker shade would bring out her tiny waist better. This top is almost the same color as her pants and therefore making her look more boxy than curvy.

Fashion Watch: Eva Longoria

Okay, so it's not any fashion trend or anything, but Eva Longoria does look relaxed and summery in this dress. I guess I prefer pants and a comfortable top when I fly instead of a dress.

Weight Watcher: Britney Spears

I am so confused by Britney's weight because sometimes she looks like she's gained some weight and other times, she looks great! What do you all think? Does she look like her she's ready for a comeback? Here she is in costume (I am guessing) for her new music video.

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

I'm so over tights, I think. Sometimes, it can look super cute on the RIGHT outfit. Jessica Alba ruined this cute top with tights on the bottom. She should have just worn it without the tights. It would have been so much better. Also, her shoes are horrendous. It's too chunky for this outfit.

Fashion Watch: Kate Hudson

What is it about these straw-like hats that celebrities like so much? Is it a disguise or a fashion statement? Either way, Kate Hudson looks a little tipsy here in this picture. Maybe she's drowning her sorrow with alcohol? And left any fashion sense at home with this outfit? The shirt and skirt is too loose on her slim frame. If you wear something loose on the bottom, make sure that the top is fitted and vice versa. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like Ms. Hudson.