Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ashley Olsen Gained A Pound?

For a split second, I thought this picture was of Hayden Panettiere. Then, I looked closely and was shocked to see that it's Ashley Olsen. Doesn't she look like she's gained a few pounds? Look at her face and thighs. They look fuller. She's by no means a "healthy" size for normal standards, but she's looking good. Keep it up, Miss Olsen.

Celebrity Runner: Geri Halliwell

Rain or shine, Geri Halliwell is out there pounding the pavement. I love to run in the rain. Running burns the most calories, so I see why she's doing it. She's getting pretty thin. I never Victoria Beckham exercising. But, wait, if you're not eating, why exercise? Glad to see that Geri is losing weight the healthy way.

Has Tori Spelling Gained Weight?

Tori Spelling is on the Nutrisytem diet. She looked like she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight recently. Here are some photos of her. Her face looks fuller and lets look wider. What do you think?

Justine Bateman Lost Weight!

Here is Justine Bateman on her way to film Men In Trees. Doesn't she still look like Malary from Family Ties? She looks really thin here. What do you think? Too thin or just right?