Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weight Watcher: Beyonce

Is it the dress or recent weight gain that makes it hard for us to recognize Beyonce in this picture? This mod dress on Beyonce does not flatter her at all even if she hasn't gained any weight. It makes her look thick up top.

Fashion Watch: Giselle Bundchen

It's nothing spectacular or anything, but Giselle Bundchen isn't the highest paid model for nothing. She looks great in this simple spaghetti strap blue dress. I can't say the same for her friend in the pink striped dress. Poor thing. Must be hard to be friends with a supermodel.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

I don't know why, but I totally like this dress on Britney Spears even though the crochet pockets are lined with some darker stitches and her head band is a different shade of green. Maybe I'm just feeling the new green color trend. Supposedly, she caused a big ruckus during this shopping spree (the paparazzi did anyway trying to photograph her) and a big flower bed (worth $400) was broken and the police came and everything! I guess I'm glad I'm not famous!

Weight Watcher: Tyra Banks

First she was photographed in a bathing suit 30 pounds heavier, then she went on her show and told the world how she was happy being heavier, and then she lost the 30 pounds quickly thereafter and posed in her bathing suit looking just like she did (well, almost) in the Sports Illustrated cover, and it looks like she's back to her 30 pounds weight gain. What do you all think? I can't keep up.

Weight Watcher: Shanna Moakler

Dealing with divorce can cause you to lose weight as seen here in Shanna Moakler.

Photoshopped Katherine Heigl

Nobody looks this flawless. Are you a fan of Katherine Heigl?

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Same hat....

Different outfits. I guess the smock long dress is the trend for the summer. I mean if Lindsay Lohan is wearing it, it's hot, right?

Weight Watcher: Kelly Preston

For a almost 45 year old woman, Kelly Preston looks better than most 20 year olds. The cut of this dress is timeless and classy.

Fashion Watch: Kim Kardashian

You can't tell the length of the dress in these pictures, but they are short. I went shopping today and was looking for something like this. It's a great way to throw something on when you are feeling bloated and "blah." It hides almost everything.

Fashion Watch: Kate Beckinsale

How cute is Kate Beckinsale and her daughter? I'm not sure I'm a fan of the vest trend, but it looks good on Ms. Beckinsale. Maybe it's because she has more meat on her bones than Kate Moss (doesn't she kind of remind you of Kate Moss in these pictures)? Does anyone know why celebrities wear this knitted hat? Do they really think it looks good?

Weight Watcher: Kirstie Alley

Did anybody watch Kirstie Alley on Oprah when she debuted her new body? I remember thinking, "she's not thin enough to be strutting her stuff." But, I did give her credit for doing something about her weight gain and then losing it. Now, it looks like she's gained it all back. I have lots of friends on this particular diet (can't tell which one), and they have all lost 20 or so pounds. While I applaud them for losing the weight, my question is what will happen once you get off the diet? I've been doing some research on different diets recently and the number one thing that most researchers say is, "Don't go on a diet." Once you are on it, you are consumed by food even if you weren't before. Most people (like 90%) gain their weight back and then some. My advice? Eat sensibly without restricting any food groups (like carbs, sugars, sweets) because it will only make you think of it more. What has been your experience?

Weight Watcher: Julia Roberts

Meanwhile, Julia Roberts strolls around with husband Danny Moder with third child, a boy born on June 18. It's hard to tell, but she looks to back to her fighting body shape. Of course, she's one of those women who are born with really small faces and the weight gain usually goes elsewhere, so it's hard to tell.

Weight Watcher: Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly gave birth to a baby boy named Desi James on May 11 and she doesn't look like she's lost all of her baby weight as fast as all the other Hollywood moms. She said in a recent interview that she hated all the weight gain during her pregnancy and said that moms who adopt are "lazy." What do you think of her comments?

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Lopez

Is anybody as surprised as I am that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are still together? He seems to be good for her because she's not in the news as much. I am totally feeling this white dress on her. I almost always like her style.

I'm not sure what it is, but this dress doesn't rock my world. Does it look like she's gained some weight recently? Especially around her arms. She still looks fab!

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

Isn't Hayden Panettiere like only 17? Doesn't she dress so much older? And, what is up with that matching red hat? This bubble dress actually looks good on her, I must admit. Either she's lost some weight recently or this dress magically slims you down.

Weight Watcher: Heather Locklear

What do you all think of Healther Locklear's body? It doesn't seem like Ms. Locklear ages. She looks super fit and slim.

Your Fashion in Dresses

Brooke Burke looks stunning in this pale yellow dress. The cut is very flattering and her hair style goes perfectly with this dress.

You can't really see all of Beyonce's dress, but you can tell that it's a short dress. Love the trendy magenta color dress and the style is actually very forgiving for her body.

I have been appalled by many pictures of Brooke Hogan and this one is no exception. While the dress is trendy in color, Ms. Hogan does not have the legs to pull this style off.

When I saw Keisha Whittaker at the Oscars, I remember thinking, "Wow, that is some beautiful woman!" So, even though this dress looks like a piece of cloth being tied together to make a dress, Mrs. Forrest Whittaker still manages to look beautiful.

Fashion Watch: Ashlee Simpson

Like I said, Ashlee Simpson is growing on me. Maybe it's because she is not as photographed as her sister Jessica or maybe it's because she's growing into her own style. This layered T-shirt look is very simple yet cute for going out. Love the long black bead necklace.

Weight Watcher: Angelina Jolie

In spite of all the rumors going around right now about trouble in "Brangelina" land, Angelina Jolie looks to be a bit healthier in this picture. Her arms look fuller and not rail thin. What do you think?

Weight Watcher: Amy Winehouse

Is it me or does Amy Winehouse actually look good and well in this picture? Perhaps she gained a pound to help her skeletal frame? Either way, keep it Ms. Winehouse.

Fashion Watch: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley left her clothes at home and had to borrow Rupert Friend's over-sized man's shirt to wear out on the streets. Is it me or does this girl never smile?

Your Fashion in Jeans

If you like the trailer-trash look, then look no further than Ms. Britney Spears.

Hayden Panettiere is getting photographed everywhere lately. I hope she has her head on her shoulders and not become the next Lindsay Lohan. Having said that, she looks okay in the trendy green color top albeit it is a little wrinkly but not feeling the gray skinny denim.

Natalie Portman sports the typical Hollywood look - wife-beater tank top without bra over denim and flip-flops.

Your Fashion in Dresses

Kim Kardashian does this dress right by accessorizing simply and this style flatters her "pear-shaped" body.

Not feeling this dress on Rihanna. She's doing really well in the music industry right now.

Shaun Robinson is wearing the trendy color green (okay, it's a tad shade lighter), but something feels missing on this dress. Maybe if she added some sleeves? Made them more sleeveless?

Angie Harmon looking flawless in a mixed Grecian and mod style dress.

Holly Robinson-Peete wearing the very trendy style dress right now. She's looking good after popping out four kids.

Jenny McCarthy wearing the same trendy style dress as Holly Robinson-Peete except she cut out some material to add in her ridiculous ensemble of necklaces.

Lil' Kim does not have the body to wear this length or type of dress and even if she did, why would she? It says no class all the way.

Paris Hilton actually looking a little bit on the classy side in this get-up. It's hard to pull off two colors on a dress because it can make you look choppy, but Miss Hilton pulls it off well.

Fashion Watch: Madonna

It is very hard to match black on black and that is why Madonna's outfit is a little "off." The ruffled shirt tucked in her black trousers look would have been fine except she decided to include the black jacket. The color is definitely not the same and makes her look too boxy instead. As a side note, the Queen of Pop looks a little tipsy here.

Beckham Party Fashion Continues

I would totally wear this black dress worn by Alyson Hannigan. The hair - not so much.

Pant suits are not my favorite on women and especially tall women. It makes them look more masculine than they should be. Brooke Shields is already so tall, and wearing a pant suit just accentuates that more. A dress on someone with her frame goes a long way to make her look more feminine.

Can't totally see Demi Moore's dress, but it's probably a mod-like dress. Love that the heels match perfectly with her dress.

Eva Longoria wearing the two trendy colors together! Isn't that something! I'm not a fan of the bubble dress because even on someone as thin and tiny as Eva, it still makes them look rounder than one wants.

Are my eyes deceiving me or does Vivica A. Fox actually look stunning and classy in this dress? I'll even overlook the obvious work she's had one on her face and body.