Monday, March 10, 2008

Catherine Zeta-Jones Stands Out!

I am usually a fan of the one shoulder dress, but I'm not feeling this one on Catherine Zeta-Jones. She has definitely gotten a lot thinner. Look at her arms!

I like the print on this dress.

For some reason, I find this picture amusing because Catherine Zeta-Jones totally stands out. She's with her co-stars (the man is Guy Pearce). She's beautiful. She's supposedly a size zero now.

Patricia Heaton in a Bikini at 50!

I don't know if you know any 50 year olds, but Patricia Heaton looks pretty good in a bikini at 50 years old!

I don't get one thing: where is Patricia Heaton's belly-button?

A Note From Me

Hello there! I'm sorry that I've been waffling so much with my blog. I needed another break. I've noticed that there are some viruses attached in the comment section. Please do not click on their name or anything else that is "attached." Whoever you are that is leaving viruses on my blog, PLEASE STOP. This blog is just for fun.

Thanks to all those that are faithful to read my blog. I would love to hear what you like or think I can improve in my blog. Thanks.