Sunday, July 1, 2007

Yellow Dress: Sophia Bush

I've only watched one or two episodes of One Tree Hill, but for some reason, I find myself being endeared to Sophia Bush. I don't think it has anything to do with her character on the show because I really don't remember who she plays on it. Maybe I just feel bad that her husband and co-star, Chad Michael Murray of five months cheated on her and she divorced him so quickly thereafter. I do like this cute yellow dress she's wearing with the exception of the white trimming on the bottom. It looks great paired with this cute peep-toe heels.

Grade: B

Fashion Watch: Anne Hathaway

I don't know why I don't like Anne Hathaway. I watched her in both Princess Diaries and felt embarassed the whole entire time for her. Have you ever felt that way watching a movie or a show and feeling like the lines they were saying were so corny and cheesy that you just got the goose bumps? That's how I feel when I watch Ms. Hathaway's movies. She's a pretty girl, but her acting needs some work. Whatever the case may be, it gives her no reason to be wearing this ugly dress. I know the 70s retro look is back in, but that doesn't mean you have to go digging up your mom's old curtains and making it into a dress.
Grade: E

Weight Gainer: Mariah Carey

Poor Mariah Carey. I don't know why the media hate her so much. Perhaps it's her choice of clothing? I think Mariah would look so much better if she dressed classier. What is she wearing in this picture? If you are going to wear tights like this, you should wear a long shirt to cover up your assets. She has a great voice even though all her songs sound about the same to me. She definitely has gained weight since her early days of Love Takes Time. I loved that song in high school. Who hasn't reminisced about a love lost listening to this song?

Weight Watcher: Hayden Panettiere

I loved the movie Remember the Titans, but I remember being very annoyed by the coach's little girl. Even though Hayden Panettier has gotten a lot of press coverage due to the success of the NBCs hit show Heroes, I don't know if I can watch her on screen again. Whenever I look at her, I just see that obnoxious little girl jumping up and down screaming. Here she is recently walking around sporting a message on her T-shirt. I didnt' get it at first, but it is a message telling people to not club baby seals for their pelts in northern Canada. It's a pretty lame T-shirt if you ask me. It is probably just the angle of the picture, but she does appear to be slimmer than her character on Heroes.

Celebrity Working Out: Rihanna

No wonder why Miss Rihanna is looking super slim these days. Here she is leaving a gym after working out. Good for you! But, what is up with the cup-off sweat pants?

Weight Watcher: Shakira

I think that Shakira looks great at this weight. I remember when she first became popular, she was super thin. The added weight gives life and curves to her pretty face. I am assuming this man holding her hand is her significant other at the moment.

Nicole Richie Update

Everybody has been speculating on whether or not Nicole Richie is pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Joel Madden (Hilary Duff's ex). Here is a recent picture of her arriving at the airport. Isn't it sweet that celebrities carry their own pillows to fly with on the plane? I highly doubt that Ms. Richie is pregnant because you have to get your period before you can become fertile. Her weight has plummeted so low the last couple of years that I doubt that she is getting her period. I have had many friends who were bulimic/anorexic that stopped getting their period and have had difficulty getting pregnant now. I hope for her sake that she is not pregnant because she is due in court on July 11 for her DUI. Do you think she will be sentenced to prison like her friend Paris?

Weight Loser: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has always been the thinnest one of 'Destiny's Child,' but this is absolutely ridiculous! Her arms are like skeletons! Someone please tell Michelle that she can start eating now because she won't be touring any time soon.

Weight Watcher: Renee Zellweger

Here is a recent picture of Renee Zellweger. She showed up in some film premier wearing this outfit and was criticized for it until it was discovered that she lost her luggage at the airport. I don't know why I am not a big Renee fan. Maybe it's her constant puckered lip look? Whatever the reason, I find it difficult to sit through a movie featuring her.

Weight Loser: Eva Longoria

Okay, Eva Longoria has never been fat. At least not in any of the photos I've ever seen her in. She's super petite and looking a tad tiny. Here she is frolicking on the beaches of St. Tropez looking quite slim in the trendy blue color bikini. She has been photographed lately looking very thin. In my experience, women tend to lose weight while they are engaged. She is engaged to San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker. They are set to be married on July 7th because she said it is a "lucky" day. Planning a wedding does take a lot of time and emotional energy. I lost about 20 pounds during my engagement. My dress kept falling over my shoulders because I had lost so much weight. Fifteen of those 20 pounds were in the last three weeks because I got really sick. Back to Miss Longoria, I am not a fan. Even though I have never watched her on Desperate Housewives, she strucks me as someone who is very annoying. And, I don't think she's pretty. She looks simply plain to me.

Chinese Actress Face-Off

Gong Li

Zhang ZiYi

I am still on a quest to find actors that are Asian American working in Hollywood that have not been typecast as the asexual male or the habitual slut. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know in the comment section.

I am not sure if the American audience knows of the feud between Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li. Supposedly (again, this blog is mostly conjecture) famed Chinese director Zhang YiMou (he left his wife for Gong Li) was upset with his separation from her that he went out to seek someone to replace her. I think he did a pretty good job of discovering and elevating Zhang Ziyi to super stardom in a very short time. It was also rumored that Zhang YiMou had an affair with Zhang Ziyi, but it was never confirmed. Zhang Ziyi is probably more well-known than Gong Li (at least in America due to Rush Hour 2) even though Gong Li has been acting for a lot longer time, but I have to admit that I am a Gong Li fan. When I watched her in To Live (I highly recommend this movie to those that are interested in Chinese history and culture - the movie was banned in China for awhile), I was so impressed with her acting skills and her unique beauty. Who do you like better?

Weight Watcher: Debra Messing

I love Debra Messing on 'Will and Grace.' I didn't watch it when it first aired on NBC, but I happen to stumble on the re-runs one bored evening last summer. I can't quite remember the episode, but I was literally "laughing out loud." The show was really well written and the characters were very endearing. Here is Debra Messing in a scene for her new movie 'The Starter Wife.' She looks much better at this weight than when she was on 'Will and Grace.' There were a couple of seasons that she was downright, frighteningly skeletal. Either way, I will probably watch this movie and like it simply because she's in it.

Weight Watcher: Britney Spears

I don't know what it is about Britney Spears' life that fascinates so many people, but she sure does get photographed a lot. Here she is again out partying. Her fashion choices lately have been absolutely horrendous, but I see some weight gain in her legs and face. Where are her two sons while she is out partying? Please tell me they are not with her ex, Kevin Federline.

Who's the Hotter Prince: Harry or William?

Just out of curiosity, who do you all think is the more charming and dashing prince? Here they are at the rehearsal for The Concert for Diana (a musical celebration of Princess Diana and will be aired on VH1 on Sunday) at Wembley Stadium on Saturday in London, UK. There will be many singers there including Joss Stone, Fergie, Lily Allen, Elton John, just to name a few.

Weight Watcher: Serena Williams

Some people just have more curves than others. Serena Williams is a tennis player and definitely have an athlete's body. I personally think she looks fine the way she is, but what do you all think?

Weight Loser: Amy Winehouse

Every time I see a picture of Amy Winehouse, I keep thinking to myself that this girl is extremely thin! I thought that maybe she's one of those lucky girls that are just naturally thin until I ran across this picture. What do you all think? Has Amy Winehouse become too thin? Do you like her before or after?

Celebrity Eating: Kristen Dunst

Since most people wonder if celebrities (especially thin ones) actually consume real food, here is a picture of Kirsten Dunst eating pizza in New York.