Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

Call me crazy, but I am totally feeling this outfit on Hilary Duff even though it looks a bit much for strolling around L.A. The hair and make-up is a little over the top, but I just really like her.

Funky sweater/cardigan thingy over her outfit.

Same day? Not sure, but the hair is down and the cardigan is off. Still very cute. Tights on Hilary look way better than it does on Lindsay Lohan.

Blondes look great in yellow.

Kate Hudson's LBD

With my qualifying post earlier, here is a dress that I absolutely adore on Kate Hudson. It's trendy, classy, and modest. Liv Tyler, on the other hand seems to dress older than her age. I'm not feeling Kate Hudson's bangs though. Women with square faces should not have blunt bangs because it makes their face look a lot fuller than it is.

A Note From Me

Hello! I'm so sorry for not writing for awhile. I had to take a break from the blog because I felt like the whole "blogsophere world" was sucking life away from me. There are so many negative press coverage out there with celebrities. I want a blog that shows a lot of celebrity photos without the trash. I guess that's why I started my blog but found myself being dragged into it as well. I'm trying to figure out how to keep my blog fun yet without all the trash. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the comment section. I really appreciate it.