Thursday, October 11, 2007

Because Her Sister is Asian

Katherine Heigl was the maid of honor for her adopted older Korean sister. Poor thing must have felt like the ugly duckling her whole life.

Brown bridesmaid dresses? Not sure what I think about it, but Katherine Heigl is definitely the prettiest on.

Madonna In Leather

I'm a huge Madonna fan, but she looks weird the older she gets. Maybe it's over-exercising.

Is she stealing Angelina Jolie's signature black look?

Maternity Fashion

Nicole Richie continues to grow despite the fact that I thought it was impossible for her to conceive.

You know everybody's going to be watching how Nicole Richie will be about her weight after she gives birth.

Melissa Joan Hart looks like me in High School. Gold and yellow were my colors. She's pregnant with baby #2.

Poor Isla Fischer - she must be ready to pop this baby out!

Trend Alert: Celebrities Biking

Actually, it's not really a trend. Celebrities have been seen biking around a lot for either transportation or trying to keep our air a little better. In China of 1.3 billion people, we still have smog and pollution even though the majority of the people ride bicycles.

Kurt Russell and his longtime partner Goldie Hawn was seen biking around yesterday.

Fashion Disasters

I'm not an Ashley Tisdale fan, so anything she wears is automatically questionable. She probably thought to herself that she wanted to look thinner, so she threw this vest on.

If this dress was actually one piece, it may not have been so disastrous for Kim Kardashian. Her fat is bulging out everywhere.

Meryl Streep is a legendary actress, but her fashion mishaps are even more legendary.

Chloe Sevigny is a repeat fashion offender, so this dress speaks for itself.

I don't know why Chloe Sevigny's dress bugs me, but it just looks awful especially with the purse in the front. It either needs to be longer or just held as a clutch.

My Fave Dress

It's a good thing Vanessa Carlton is flat chested because she would have definitely had a little mishap wearing this dress.

My Fave: Eva Mendes and Petra Nemcova both look amazing here, but I'm totally into the Grecian dress on Petra.

Lucy Liu works the long dress even though she's not very tall.

Maria Menounos glitters in gold. Great idea with the black in the middle.

Michelle Moynahan looks good in this dress even though she's a bit on the rextremely thin side.

Sharon Stone looks good here for once. She's been so rough looking lately.

What in the world is on Teri Hatcher's hem line?

Many people are blogging that Becky Newton aka Ugly Betty's fiesty secretary Amanda is too thin, but I think she looks great the way she is here. Her dress reminds me of something a grandmother would make for a Christmas tree skirt.

Cindy Crawford looks amazing. Janice Dickenson and all others who are trying so hard to hold onto their youth should take notes from her.

Ever since Emmy Rossum gained some much needed weight, she has been looking absolutely gorgeous in her dresses.

Poor Julianne Moore - wearing a tablecloth as a dress and looks like she could barely walk with her shoulders strapped together.

Jessica Simpson Works Out For Killer Calfs

I'm curious to know what kind of work outs Jessica Simpson's trainer puts her on to get those killer legs. She's only 5'3", so to have legs like that is not too shabby!

Maternity Fashion Disaster: Christina Aguilera

Most pregnant moms-to-be tend to glow, but Christina Aguilera looks awful pregnant. A big reason for her disastrous looks is because she is still trying to wear "normal" clothes instead of maternity. And her red lipstick is getting old.

Enough said.

This shirt actually might be a maternity one, but she still looks awful.

Fashion Watch: Kate Moss

I don't know why, but any time I see a cardigan, it reminds me of Mr. Rogers.

She must have just thrown this outfit together.

I've been looking for the safari print flats, but I haven't found any. I did find some black ones the other day for $5USD. Gotta love living here! I don't know if I could afford to keep up with trends in America because things are so much more expensive. I also bought three scarves - for $1.25 each!

I love this outfit on Kate Moss. Wide-legged trousers with vest and ruffled shirt underneath.

Reese Witherspoon Glowing and Single!

It's so sad that she's officially divorced. She has said in her past interviews that she really values family and marriage. Every time another divorce happens in Hollywood, it makes me sad. I wish people would value marriages and remember what they promised on the altar.

She looks great at this weight. I hope her weight will stop plummeting to the rextremely thin side again.

As for her blossoming relationship with Jake Gyllenhall, she should slowly take that one. For everyone involved but especially her children. Is there no chance for a reconciliation?

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Ashley Simpson has once again abandoned her roots and looking like a Hollywood cookie-cutter or should I say sister Jessica's look? She's looking rather thin here...not quite rextremely thin...but very thin nevertheless.

Jamie Pressly has lived up to her desire of wanting to slim back down after giving birth. She went on a Cabbage Soup Diet for ten days. It's ridiculous to go on these liquid diets to lose weight and say that you are normal. Anybody who cuts back on that many calories has some kind of an eating disorder. On Weight Watchers, eating cabbage soup would be zero points.

Has Kirstie Alley abandoned her Jenny Craig diet? She looks a lot bigger here. Someone needs to tell her that the peasant skirt look is sooooo OUT!

Granted Neve Campbell has gained some weight, but I think she looks fabulous at this weight.

Pamela Anderson looks to be a bit on the rextremely thin side here. She's rumored to be pregnant and I ask, "Where?"

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Minnillo

I guess she looks pretty good here. She looks thinner also. Nick Lachey shouldn't marry her if she won't sign a prenup. It's Hollywood love...

I bet she works out because her weight doesn't yo-yo as much as her boyfriend's ex, Jessica Simpson.

Cute sweater Vanessa has on.

She's wearing an argyle sweater with her jeans. This is something I would totally wear for the fall.

Britney Spears Looks Good?!?!

She hasn't looked this good in awhile, but she needs to get rid of those boots ASAP.

I like the front tie of her dress. Very innovative way to place the ties.

Those boots must be comfortable because she wears them a lot.

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

For a split second, I thought I was looking at Jessica Alba and not Vanessa Hudgens. Now that I think about it, Vanessa does kind of remind of of Ms. Alba. I hope she won't go rextremely thin and anti-Latina. Cute dress on her by the way. Black and white combinations in any way is very trendy this fall.

It's great to see her dressed as a teenager instead of some 35 year old woman!

Black shirt and brown boots plus poofy hair = Pocahontas? No, it's Vanessa Hudgens trying so hard to look boho.

I don't know what it is about Miley Cyrus' face that is a little off, but I do like her hair clipped up that way. It was very trendy for the summer.