Saturday, November 24, 2007

Maternity Fashion: Christina Aguilera

I'm sorry, but Christina Aguilera doesn't seem to glow to me. She looks kind of messy.

And totally bloated!

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Do celebrities shop in between movies or something because that's all they are photographed doing. Eating and shopping.

Go back to the red hair Lindsay because you are looking more and more like your mom and that's NOT a compliment.

Where's her splash of color? So drabby.

Fashion Watch: Rihanna

My daughters picked up these stones on our way to a restaurant yesterday. Maybe I should glue them to my dress.

Is she about to hit that woman in the face with her snap?

Cute jacket on Rihanna.

Leftover AMA Fashion

Avril Lavigne should just give it up. Shiny skirt? Oh, please. One thing that she's doing right is getting celebrities to boycott Perez Hilton's website. If I were a celebrity, I would sign it, too. He is so obnoxious.

Celine Dion is trying to make a comeback.

Melanie Brown looks great!

Did Nicole Scherzinger spend a week at the tanning salon before the AMA? She looks so dark!

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

If I had to pick between Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tishdale, I would definitely pick Vanessa. Her sense of style is more in line of what I like.

This girl needs to have more fun instead of always going to the gym to work out. She's 18!

Are her jeans folded and rolled in? I hope this 80s trend does not make a comeback.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie doing the good deed thing. I still think she's tiny for being eight months pregnant. She and Samantha Ron (on left) are wearing the very trendy Ray-Ban wayfarers right now, but the woman on the right is still wearing last season's Aviator shades. Poor thing.

Doesn't it look like she could trip over her skirt?

Paris Hilton Infects Shanghai, China!

Not sure where this was taken, but I am totally feeling this dress. Check out her phone. Ridiculous!

China is one of those countries that welcomes anybody, so it's no surprise that Paris Hilton is in Shanghai this week. But, watch out because she will infect this country of 1.3 billion people. What in the world is she wearing here?

I guess this dress is okay, but Shanghai is really cold right now. Where is her coat?

Can this "qipao" (traditional Chinese dress) be hugging her any tighter?

No, not at tight as this one that she's trying on. I'm sure she's at the real department store instead of the silk alleys that sells all the knockoffs for a fraction of the price.

How sweet that she's wearing sister Nikki's line (this one is from Nicole Richie's baby shower).

Two many different patterns here for my taste. Seriously, it's really cold in Shanghai and that's all she's wearing? She's walking around the Yu Garden.

I'm all for comfort when flying, but can she at least match? Or not clash?

I think Paris may have eaten one too many "xiao long bao" (little dumplings) because she looks to have gained a few pounds.

Fashion Watch: Miley Cyrus

Can you believe she's only 15? Is it me or are teenagers looking older these days?

I hope she stays out of trouble.

That's an ugly dress on Miley. I guess everybody is friends with one another on the Disney Channel. She's posing with Ashley Tisdale.

Walking around in pajamas and Ugg boots.