Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fashion Watch: Eva Longoria

I guess Eva Longoria looks good in clothes, but I'm still not a fan.

Why is she wearing a thong over her clothes? Trying to get more attention?

Some internet sites are claiming that she's gained some weight, but I just don't see it.

Fashion Watch: Hayden panetierre

What's wrong with this picture? Dania Ramirez and Kristen Bell are both in jeans and Hayden Panetierre is in a formal yellow dress. Diva?

Hayden is here posing for some EW magazine shoot.

What's wrong with this picture?

Rextremely Thin Watch: Angelina Jolie

The perfect family? It is sweet to see just the three of them.

I don't know why I think this, but Maddox is going to grow up to be a terror.

Look at her twiggy body.

If Angelina Jolie isn't rextremely thin, then I don't know who is.

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

Guess the rumors of Zanessa breaking up was false? Vanessa Hudgens looks really short to me or is it because Zac Efron is really tall?

She is almost always seen in jeans.

This pose cracks me up. She's supposedly bowling for some kind of charity.

Still smiling after all the nude photo scandal.

Pumping gas together - how sweet. Do they want to show that they are normal people like us?

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

Classy and elegant.

Casual and chic.

Boho and fun.

Rextremely Thin Watch: Kim Basinger

Another one of Hollywood's older actresses succumbs to the rextremely thin look to get attention. Ugh. Kim Basinger looks horrible!

I'm surprised the dress isn't falling off of her.

You know what they say about thin people - "thin people are never happy." Look at her face!

Fashion Watch: Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly looks sophisticated with new beau John Mayer.

It must be love if they're working out together. I don't know why Hollywood actors even date one another because they're going to break up sooner or later. I guess they really are like high schoolers except that they never graduate and move on to bigger and better things.

What Were They Thinking Fashion

I have no idea what kind of dress Kim Kardashian is wearing, but she looks horrible.

Natalie Portman is usually a very pretty lady, but she looks awful here. The shapeless dress and color does nothing to add life and spunk to her tiny frame.

Isn't Sharon Stone in her 50s? Why is she dressed like a teenager? Let it go...

Paris Hilton going incognito is worse than Paris obvious.

First of all, I want to say that I think Alicia Keys is a very pretty woman, but what kind of gloves is she wearing? What's the deal with the make-up?

I guess Brooke Hogan knew she wasn't going to be photographed unless she showed up looking like a disaster.

I actually like Bai Ling's orange jacket, but the whole attire including the hair screams "I want attention!"

It's about time Helena Christensen admits that she's getting old because something is wrong with her face. And is she wearing a negligee as a dress? What's the matter with her tan?

Kristen Bell shows up in a shapeless and ugly color dress.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Has America Ferrera gained some weight over the summer?

Remember when Shakira was first popular? She was a lot thinner then. However, she looks good at this healthier weight.

Marriage must be treating Shanna Moakler right because she looks healthy.

Rextremely thin Thandie Newton.

Olsen twins twigs.

Can you believe she gained 90 pounds when she was pregnant? Kate Hudson is looking good!

Hard to believe Kerri Russell even gave birth.

Mischa Barton looks to have gained a few.

Natalie Imbruglia - another rextremely thin woman.

No matter how much weight Rumer Willis loses, she'll always be just a little awkward.

Amanda Peet - another Hollywood mom losing weight on the fast track.

Dita von Teese looks proportionally wrong here.

Has Elizabeth Hurley put on a few pounds?

Yet another Hollywood mom looking thin after giving birth - Jenna Elfman.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

I'm not sure who dresses Britney Spears, but she always looks half-dressed. Sad to hear about her losing her kids.

What is the deal with this outfit?

I actually like her top here.

Satin is so hard to wear because it gets wrinkled so easily.