Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Fashion Post

Winona Ryder on movie set looking old and frail in ugly clothes.

Reese Witherspoon keeps her healthy figure in shape by running.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looking cute for once?

Allie Hilfiger, who I assume is Tommy's daughter? I wonder how she feels being around supermodels.

Elle McPhearson looks extra tall in this outfit.

This is 20 year old Hallie Shyer-Meyers - Keanu Reeves was photographed eating lunch with her. I love how she put a wide belt on this sweater to give it some chic factor.

Kristen Bell giving the paparazzi a kiss?

Kate Hudson

Fashion Watch: Rihanna "Who Can't Dance"

It's probably her poor choice of putting this ensemble together, but she looks bigger than she really is. Maybe she's on the Beyonce diet.

For women who have bigger thighs like Rihanna, they can still look good in skinny jeans.

Not feeling the legging/tights/socks look but love the black top. You can layer it with a long sleeve for the fall!

When the buttons look like it's popping out, it's a good idea to not wear it.