Monday, November 26, 2007

Britney Spears Looks Good After Lipo

In some twisted way, I wish that I could just go to a plastic surgeon and ask him to take away all my yucky parts. The belly that won't go away after two kids...with one operation, it can be normal again. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't afford it. Britney Spears is reportedly addicted to surgery because she looks good lately. Her legs definitely look thinner.

What do you all think? Surgery or good 'ol exercise and portion control?

Rihanna Eats French Fries!?!

Looking a little dissheveled, Rihanna out and eating french fries! I would not choose french fries to splurge my calories on.

It must suck to always be photographed.

"Do you think this will go to my thighs?"

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Sandra Bullock walking her dog looking healthy and happy. Not into the fold up jeans over boots look though.

How did Tara Reid whittle down to such rextreme proportions?

Cindy Crawford doesn't look too shabby for her age, but it must suck to lose the hot supermodel bod.

Underneath that muu-muu last week, Debra Messing was hiding her thin frame.

For a supermodel, Gemma Ward looks slightly bigger. I think she looks great though!

Jenny McCarthy has definitely been able to keep her body at a normal and healthy weight.

One minute Kim Kardashian looks great the next she looks like this!

Fashion Watch: Kylie Minogue

While I find Kylie Minogue's hair to be adorable, her LBD is a little off. Maybe it's too cold to be wearing this right now?

I know yellow is "in" right now darling, but it is way too bright with this outfit. Is it me or does Kylie look like she ate one too many pieces of pecan pie over Thanksgiving?

Fashion Watch: Lauren Conrad

I feel like Lauren Conrad's style is a copy of Lindsay Lohan's. The tights, the heels, the purse, and especially the pose.

Don't you think that she's copying Ms. Lohan?

Three pictures - all in tights.

Who's On Magazines

Nia Long and Gabrielle Union - not sure who the lady in the middle is.

Definitely photoshopped - Jennifer Garner.

I don't get the appeal on Penelope Cruz.

Tori Spelling Looks Really Thin?!?

Forget what Tori Spelling looks like. Check out her son's stroller. What is it? A spaceship? About her weight, she looks to be about the same, but her boobs look like they need a little help. She's here shopping at Whole Foods. While I love this grocery store, I wish they would sell their products cheaper. It's ridiculously expensive.

She looks normal here weight wise. Not feeling the outfit though.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Who's your fave Lohan? I think if Lindsay dyed her hair back to her gorgeous red, she would be my fave by far because mom Dinah looks really washed out and Ali is trying too hard to grow up.

Is it me or did Lindsay Lohan fast during Thanksgiving? While everybody else pigged out, she looks like she's lost a couple of pounds and then some. I hate that smout that she does.

For a second, I thought Ali Lohan was with her mom but that's Lindsay! Look how much make-up Ali has on. Isn't she only 13 years old?