Monday, July 2, 2007

The Original Weight Loser: Calista Flockhart

The first couple of seasons of Ally McBeal were hilarious. I am sure that many women related with Calista Flockhart as she tripped, fell, and talked to herself. However, the show declined as her weight plummeted. Some of the storyline on the show just got wackier and tackier. Here she is on a recent date with Harrison Ford as she leaves a restaurant. What do you think of her look at age 43? For starters, she should dress like a 43 year old woman instead of some teenager.

Fashion Watch: Liv Tyler

I think Liv Tyler is such a beautiful woman even though her father, Steven Tyler is a little challenged in the looks category. Since becoming a mom, Liv has said in her interviews that losing the pregnancy weight was a really hard. She has definitely lost all the baby weight and then some. But, she should not be showing it off in this dress. We already know that the color yellow is in right now, but the style does not flatter her body at all. Perhaps it is too big? Or maybe the color just washes her out? Regardless of the reason, this dress does not do her any justice at all.

Grade: D

Weight Gainer: Shanna Moakler

Now that Shanna Moakler(Miss USA in 1995 and is probably more recently known for her TV appearance in Dancing with the Stars) got back together with her husband, Travis Barker, she has time to spend with her kids, husband, and apparently eating more. She has definitely put on some weight.

Weight Watcher: Nicole Richie

Here is Nicole Richie in the August issue of Marie Claire. Doesn't she look like she has gained some weight? Joel Madden must be doing something right besides dating her shortly after he broke up with Hilary Duff. She looks great with some more meat on her bones. What is she wearing? It looks like someone took a tablecloth and made it into a dress/shirt/swimwear cover-up?

Fashion Watch: Fergie

Why do celebrities insist on wearing these ridiculous dresses that poof out at the bottom? It doesn't matter who you are or what your body type is, the dress is just plain ugly. Fergie, Princess Diana was a classy and elegant lady (she's performing in London right now at The Concert for Diana). I'm sure she would not have approved of your dress.

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz must be growing on me because I have been loving her outfits lately. Here she is in another cute outfit leaving the airport. The off-the-shoulder shirt gives it that summer look is paired perfectly with the light denim jeans. The color trend yellow purse gives the outfit a splash and even that hat doesn't bother me, but I suspect she wore it to be less noticed. On a side note, she looks like she has lost some weight especially in the face.

Weight Watcher: Lindsay Lohan

I am not sure if Lindsay Lohan is done with rehab, but she was out and about this past weekend shopping, stopping at the Planet Blue boutique in Malibu, and even attending Allegra Versace's birthday party. Whatever weight she gained recently looks to have gone away. She must have some way to read about herself in rehab. I hope that she gets her act together for her future's sake. She does have talent and I predict she will continue to act for a long time. On a side note, what is she wearing? Blue stripe shirt/scarf? draped over black and white stripes?

Weight Loser: Paris Hilton

There have been several discrepancies in the media about Paris Hilton's weight. It was written that she was not eating in prison because she did not like the food there, but she did not look emaciated at her release. The pictures showed not only a smiley Paris but also a healthier one. It was most noticeable in her thighs. She left for Hawaii almost immediately after her release and it looks like she has lost even more weight (her arms look thinner). What do you all think?

Weight Watcher: Nelly Furtado

I don't know why Nelly Furtado chose this 80s prom dress to sing at The Concert forDiana (it's airing right now on VHI), but she looks like she gained some weight. It is most notcieable in her arms. As a side note, she is wearing the color trend magenta that I mentioned in a previous post.

Celebrities Working Out: Kristin Cavallari and Nick Zano

Well, they say that couples who work out together stay together. Actually, they don't really say that, but it is nice to see couples working out. Kristin Cavallari continues to prolong her 15 minute of fame by dating Nick Zano, the guy that Amanda Bynes' character dated on that quirky but funny show What I Like About You.
Source: Just Jared