Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ashanti Keeps The Weight Off With Crazy Diet

It looks Ashanti has been able to keep off her Master Cleansing fast. I just watched John Tucker Must Die and I confess that I kinda liked it. Mind you, I'm 35 years old but Ashanti, Sophia Bush and that third girl were hilarious.

I still see some bulge.

My Fave In Jeans

Yet another Hollywood sibling - Penelope and Monica Cruz. I personally think her sister is prettier, but the print on Penelope's jacket is very in right now.

Reese Witherspoon also looks a little put out being photographed.

My Fave: I love Stacy Kiebler's wide-legged trouser jeans and the splash of aqua color on top with the black cardigan/sweater.

Plastic queen witch: Lisa Rinna.

Those are some thighs on Mariah Carey.

Megan Fox looks like she's wearing a mommy shirt with a belt.

I see Mary Louise Parker didn't waste any time to hire help with her African adopted baby.

Doesn't Nicolette Sheridan look oddly proportioned here?

Like her BFF Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox needs to do something different with her hair. I always thought that she copied whatever Jennifer's hair was like especially during Friends.

Fox Brown wearing brown jeans.

I adore Kimora Lee Simmons' daughters Halloween costumes. Hers? Not so much.

Rextremely Thin Alert! Joely Richardson

I don't know how old this promo picture of Joely Richardson is with the two male leads of the show Nip/Tuck, but she looks thin but not rextremely so.

Here she is at some event with bones protruding everwhere.

What do you think she thinks when she sees herself like this?

It can't help that she's on a show about how to nip and tuck your body to fit the perfect image. I hope her celebrity mom and sister Natasha intervene on her behalf. She obviously needs help.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Megan Fox, Stacy Kiebler and mystery person #3. I absolutely adore Stacy's dress. She has been stepping out in various awesome dresses.

I like Marcia Cross' dress, but she really needs to do something about her pale skin.

It's good to see supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss still BFFs after all these years. Both of their dresses are hard to wear unless you are tall and slim.

First of all, Paula Abdul's face is too squarish to have her hair like Audrey Hepburn. Secondly, her laced dress is very ill fitting for her body size.

Sheryl Crow has been MIA for awhile, but she showed up finally wearing this ugly dress with even uglier shoes.

Was it Egyptian night at some party for Kristen Bell?

Kelly Brooke in a beautiful dress with a fuller body.

Kylie Minogue loves all that shine and glitter on her clothes.

Do you think Lauren Hutton thinks she's 24? Ugly hair, too. She does look thinner though.

Finally, Leelee Sobieski looks her age in a fun and frilly dress.

I love the purple and red together on Andrea Bowen's dress.

I love the style of this dress on Ali Larter, but the poofy hair and print - not so much.

I believe Diane Lane finally looks her age here.

Kathleen Robertson is wearing the trendy dress with pockets. Again, please do not put your hands in it when you are taking a picture. It looks ridiculous. I believe they are there for looks and maybe a tube of lipstick.

I have no idea if this is a dress or a two piece outfit on Kate Bosworth, but she's back to her rextremely thin self.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

It's probably just the angle, but Nikki Hilton looks like she's gained some weight. Look at the double chin...

I'm glad to see that Naomi Watts is taking a long time to lose the baby weight. Her arms look bigger than she did before she became a mom. What do we think of her boots?

It's hard to see if Renee Zellweger has gained weight here, but she this was taken on October 15. It must suck to have chubby cheeks all the time.

Catherine "I don't diet" Zeta-Jones looking ultra svelte and gorgeous. She claims to eat three meals a day and only when she is hungry. She hasn't had potato chips since she was 14. Who remembers stuff like this

Some bloggers are claiming that Jennifer Hudson has lost weight, but I don't see it even if she's trying to be a plus size Marilyn Monroe.

Any weight that Kelly Osbourne supposedly lost is obviously back. Poor thing is dancing next with the waif queen, Kate Moss. Even a stick would look bigger standing next to her.

I wish Mariah Carey would dress for her age and body.

Melissa George is pretty thin in general, but doesn't it look like she's trying to look even thinner by her pose?

Fashion Watch: Carrie Underwood

Seriously, doesn't she remind you of a younger Faith Hill? Love the dress!

I absolutely adore this dress. She's supposedly on a date with Chace Crawford.

Her little jacket/sweater, however is absolutely atrocious!

Random Fashion Post

It almost looks like Sienna Miller slipped some tights and threw a sweater on before she decided to leave to walk her dogs. Have no idea what she sees in this weirdo.

Believe it or not, Janet Jackson is not going horseback riding here. I think she's wearing tights to show off her new svelte figure.

I have no idea what Kate Beckinsale's top is like, but she's another actress that is often seen in all black. Love the purse.

Are those shoulder pads on Madonna's trench coat or does she have superior posture?

If Britney Spears would wear her hair like Mena Suvari and dress this confidently, she might win back her fans.

I am a bit confused with Nikki Hilton's outfit becaus on the top, she looks to be channeling the male tuxedo look, but her purse and hat adds a 20s dimension to it.

Half Korean-half African American Amerie looks cute by mixing light brown with this blue.

Spending money on a good trench coat is a great investment because it's a "classic" piece. Ashley Tishdale gives it a splash by matching her tights to her LV scarf.

I know Eva Longoria doesn't work out in this outfit because of her pillow and silver purse.

Jodie Foster wears the classic look very well, but is she really a lesbian?