Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When Celebs Go Cazzh...

This will probably start another pregnancy humor, but Demi Moore looks like she's hiding something.

I wonder what kind of work out Chloe Sevigny did at the gym wearing this outfit. Bright pink?

Are sweat pants back in style? I kidd, I kidd. I'm sure Hilary Duff had one burger too many and decided to do the cazzzh thing and put on some sweat pants so that she could breathe.

It's funny to watch celebrities work together and then play together outside of work. Ashley Tisdale (in grey sweat pants) has been playing the third week with Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. By the way, what is the fascination with Zac?

Weight Watchers

It is unfair to track someone's weight after giving birth, but it must be a woman thing. I've had a lot of friends who went on diets after giving birth and talks were always about weight and food. I was sick of it.

I don't even know why Anna Kourkinova is popular. So, she has a pretty face - she can't play tennis for the life of her! Her weight has also been in the news a lot because shes got "skeletal skinny" for awhile.

It's probably just the angle, but Dita von Teese looks heavier here.

Rexi-Watch: Jenna Jameson. What's wrong with her face also?

Kellie Martin looking good after all these years. Where's Corky?

Let's hope it's the wind that's making Mandy Moore super huge. I also hope that the rumor isn't true about her dating Jessica Simpson's ex, John Mayer.

Fashion Disasters

Britney Spears almost escaped a fashion disaster. Alas, it is not so. Here she is again showing all America how not to dress. Especially for a mom. I'm all for being sexy after having kids, but how about a little class?

Christie Brinkley has fallen victim to "I want to maintain my youth, so I'm going to dress like them, even though I'm super old" syndrome. The tank top, the ugly color tiered skirt, and the off shoulder cardigan/sweater just screams disaster!

I am so curious to know what Brooke Shields must have been thinking when she threw this outfit together. Maybe "threw" is the key word here. She's growing old gracefully and this outfit does her no justice. Having said that, I think it's time Ms. Shields gets a new haircut.

Halle Berry is one of those women that has the perfect features, perfect body, and perfect boyfriend. But, she shouldn't dress like this with her bra and chest hanging out all over the place to flaunt it. Less is definitely more!

I'm not sure that Christina Aguilera was going for the maternity chic look here, but I hope that she realizes that her jeans are in the 80s color and cardigan is at a very weird length and angle. Also, I don't see any baby bump.

I have no idea who Majandra Deflfino is, but she's trying too hard to bring back the disco look. Sweetie, retro doesn't mean you raid your mom's closet for disco clothes.

My Fave In Skirts

Somebody please tell Angelina Jolie that she doesn't need to starve herself to showcase her beauty. Her beauty is so unique that no one can match up.

Katie Holmes looking classier every day.

Looking at her shoes makes me wince in pain. Mary-Kate Olsen who is a billionaire can definitely afford anything she wants, but apparently decided to forego a stylist.

Simple and chic, Cameron Diaz shows us how to do the denim right.

My Fave: I'm as annoyed as the next person with Vanessa Minillo, but her outfit here is super cute and chic even down to the shoes.

My Fave In Shorts

Lauren Conrad jumps on the scarf in the summer trend. What do you think of this look?

Hayden Panettiere out once again in her signature look: short shorts with some kind of retro T-shirt.

I'm sure Katherine Heigl will lose some weight before filming for Greys Anatomy starts. It's probably because of the light clothing, but she looks heavier here.

Not sure why, but I've always been a Minnie Driver's fan. Love the long shirt over shorts look. It works on her.

Is Catherine Bell trying to be an A-lister with Starbucks on hand and big glasses to hide her obvious nose job?

Don't you think these capris add ten pounds on Cameron Diaz's thin frame?

Hilary Duff in orange shorts and a cute white top.

My Fave: I actually own shorts very similar to this one on Paris Hilton. I got it for $5 USD at some stall in a food market area here in Asia. Love the cute white shirt on her, too.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Rumer Willis must be growing on me because I am totally feeling this dress. It looks very familiar, so I'm sure other celebrities have worn this dress. I like the style and cut.

Kristen Bell's dress is actually very similar to Rumer's (in above picture), but I am not a fan of the bow and satin look in the front.

I just don't like this dress on Chloe Sevigny at all.

I think if the belt was a different color, Maggie Grace would have been able to pull it off. Brown belt with black shoes? Isn't that like a fashion faux pas?

Kirsten Dunsts dresses down this black dress with flip flops.

Mandy Moore is definitely losing weight. She looks a lot slimmer in this picture than her recent ones. The dress isn't bad per se, but I don't like the bra look in the front.

Janice Dickenson needs to realize that she's old so that she can start dressing like one.

My Fave In Jeans

T-shirts have come a long way in fashion, but I am not a fan of political statements on them. Celebrities are so tacky when they put their opinions on their shirts. I say, go do something about it! Kim Kardashian once again photographed for doing nothing. At least she's not in tight, tight clothes.

Scarlett Johanssen has been looking so frumpy lately. I know she's on a movie set here, but her weight gain is pretty noticeable.

Scarlett Johanssen hiding underneath the hat and high-waisted/wide-legged jeans. Not a good look for her. Penelope Cruz, on the other hand only looks better because she's standing next to Ms. Johanssen.

I think Jennifer Garner is trying to tell us something by holding that ginormous watermelon. She shouldn't tuck her shirt in.

It is refreshing to see that Jennifer Love-Hewitt is almost always photographed with a smile on her face despite the backlashing of her weight gain and her D-list status.

Mary-Kate Olsen is one of the reasons why many tweenys should eat so that they can grow and develop normally. I honestly think that if they were not in Hollywood, they would have grown a couple of inches taller and wider. Rumor has it that she has a huge make-out session with old man Ben Kingsley in her new movie. Can you say...ewwww? One of the many reasons why I would NEVER want to become an actress.

Has Christina Aguilera come out and said that she's pregnant yet? I guess she doesn't need to because her body is doing the talking for her.

I actually don't have a fave here.

My Fave Casual Dress

Tori Spelling is losing weight pretty quickly here with NutriSystem. She looks like she's already back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Kelly Clarkson celebrating with her friends. I dare say, she's the thinnest one in the picture.

Even though she's been on "rexi-watch" for awhile, Amy Winehouse actually looks good in this dress. Glad that she's finally in rehab.

I guess the pregnancy rumors aren't true because Jamie-Lyn Spears looks cute and tweeny.

My Fave: Call me crazy, but I like this funky dress on Britney Spears. Why the long face, Britney?

Fashion Disaster

Maybe it's the colors and style put together on this orange top that makes it a fashion disaster for Mischa Barton. Or, maybe it's because Mischa's the one wearing it.

Looks like somebody went overboard with bleaching their jeans.

High-waisted corduroy pants with a cropped jacket? Only Kimberly Stewart, repeat fashion disaster would wear this.

Elisha Cuthbert left the house in a hurry and forgot that she left her towel over her tank top.

What in the world is Mischa Barton wearing? Three colors and three layers chops up your body and makes you look boxy even if you are thin, Miss Barton.