Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fashion Watch: Kate Moss

Have you ever noticed that Kate Moss rarely smiles? I heard once that skinny people are usually really cranky.

I like her style though, but I don't think she looks good with bangs.

Modeling her design: Top Shop.

You've got be as skinny as Kate Moss to look good in this dress.

Lace cap, em, I don't think so.

Would a "normal" person actually wear this? Her clothes aren't bad, but they are extremely pricey.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

People are saying that Nicole Richie has gained a lot of weight for her pregnancy, but I just don't see it. Sure, she's a little fuller up top, but she has remained rexi thin.

One thing that is growing is her belly - and that is a good sign.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I see the tights are back.

She should have stuck with the tights because these male trousers (Sarah Jessica Parker wore one with her Wal-Mart blue vest) is supposed to be "in." This is a trend that I will forego, thank you very much.

Do these celebrities literally roll out of bed and pick up clothes from their floor and wear it again?

She should stick with tights. They do flatter her the most. Why is her scarf tucked under her leather jacket?