Monday, November 12, 2007

My Fave Dress

Rumors are swirling the internet that Niolette Sheridan is pregnant, but she sure doesn't look like it here in this tight dress. Classy for a change.

Vanessa Hudgens wore this dress earlier this year and I must say it is more suitable on a teenager than Ms. Dawson.

Taylor Swift thought it was prom night at the CMA.

Is Eva Longoria working tonight on the streets?

Maiara Walsh's dress reminds me of a bathing suit cover-up. What is Cordon Bleu wearing?

Martina McBride looks fierce in white!

This is a case of bad tailoring, so I'll forgive Marisa Tomei and her weird protruding hips because I'm a fan.

Nicole Kidman looks like she should be going to a luau instead of the red carpet. Doesn't this pose remind you of TomKat?

My Fave: I love this dress on Natalie Portman, but I'm not sure I would wear it for the fall. The style and color says it should be summer instead.

In her signature tightness, Kim Kardashian.

What's a dress that's not tight for? Kim Kardashian shows off her curves.

Katherine McPhee needs to do something with her hair here. Cute dress but for the summer.

Kelly Rowland looking worse for wear.

I like Leanne Rhimes, so I'll forgive her for this dress. It should have ended at the knee instead of adding that last part in.

For some reason, Emmy Rossum's dress looks off to me. Maybe it's the color?

Much better here Emmy Rossum.

Gwen Stefani loves her plaid. Here she is on her way to Christina Aguilera's baby shower. Check out the heels.

Looking thinner and beautiful, Jewel.

Overrated Jennifer Hudson. I do like her dress though.

Audrina Patridge loves one shoulder dresses.

Christina Milian wearing the same dress as Tori Spelling.

Eve in simple elegance.

Eva Mendes looks good in purple. This is definitely the color for the fall.

Why is Fergie posing all weird here?

WWTT? Fashion Post

I don't understand why and how Maggie Gyllenhaal is suddenly a sexy celebrity because she can't dress and she has the worst posture ever!

What in the world is Maria Sharprova wearing?

Let me count the ways that this outfit is wrong on Paula Abdul...jeans folded way too high, sparkly sandals, too tight vest, brown sleeved shirt with some kind of white tie?, what is she holding in her hand? Enough said.

I'm really confused with Brooke Burns outfit, but I do like the yellow clutch.

There is a reason why she was cast as the "ugly" girl in Clueless so many years ago.

I applaud Cynthia Nixon for losing weight for her Sex and the City movie, but why would she show it off in this atrocious looking dress?

Kathy Ireland is shooting for a Kmart ad, I think.

It's a Lucy Liu all wrapped up in a bow tie box or rather stick.

My Fave Jacket

It's that time of the year when celebrities don their winter attires. Marcia Cross looking a little pale in a short peacoat.

Naomi Campbell's coat has interesting horizontal stripes on it.

Pink's grey wrapped coat is a little tame for her punk rock side.

I love the length and style of Nicole Kidman's peacoat and it is obviously fashionable enough to wear as a dress.

Looking like a mess, Debbie Matarazzo. Even her jacket looks dirty.

My Fave: I love the hood on Jamie Lyn-Sigler's peacoat. Again, she's wearing it as her outfit.

Ugly color and boring style trench coat on Jamie Pressly.

I'm scared to wear white in China, so I'm not a fan of Katie Holmes' white coat. It looks a little big on her as well.

Very interesting spin on a peacoat on Kim Kardashian.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Rumer Willis has lost so much hair that she's completely flat chested now.

Star Jones continues to complain about her "friends" lamblasting her for her extreme weight loss. It is true that when you lose weight people get jealous, and so they find many different reasons to put you down. She looks good but I can't imagine why she would wear this ugly sweater over her jeans.

Teri Hatcher is no longer rextremely thin, but she's still a lot thinner than her Superman days.

What happened to Tori Spelling? All of a sudden she's gotten rextremely thin. Maybe she's not even eating the NutriSystem meals.

It's probably this unfortunate dress that Michelle Branch picked, but she looks to have gain a few pounds.

The hilariously funny woman, Megan Mullaly looking slimmer.

Whatever weight gain Nicole Kidman was supposed to gain for her movie is nowhere to be seen because she looks very thin even with a jacket.

I'm so glad Rashida Jones is off the Office because Pam is so much better. Has she gained some weight as well?

When Raven Simone was on the Cosby Show, she was cute but very annoying. Looks like nothing has changed except her weight.

Jennie Garth has said that she knows she has lost weight and is looking good, but why would she choose to show it off in this ugly outfit?

Rextremely thin and ridiculously tall, Jaslene Gonzales.

Katherine Heigl at her lower weight.

Kim Kardashian without make-up and possibly too much airplane food?

Keri Russell possibly even thinner than when I last posted her. Why won't she let her curls down?

I don't believe Alicia Keys is attending an 80s party even though she's dressed like it, but skinny jeans do not look good on her because of her fat thighs.

Amy Winehouse looking slightly healthier weight wise, but as to her other problems...well, that's a different story.

Original Rextremely Thin Girl, Calista Flockhart looking healthy and glowing.

Christina Ricci in her stabilized weight with ugly hair and uglier dress.

The rextremely thin Ellen Pompeo on strike.