Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kelly Clarkson Thinner

When celebrities are a no-show for awhile, they inevitably return looking almost always a little thinner. Here is Kelly Clarkson showing off her slimmer body in a cute ruffled LBD.

She is about the same weight as when she competed in the first American Idol. I personally think Kelly looks good in any weight; I just hope she is okay with her own body and doesn't suffer from any eating disorders (she came out saying that she was bulimic in her teenaged years).

My Fave LBD

Gloria Estefan doesn't look half bad at age 50, but it's probably time to put away the tight dresses.

For some reason, Leelee Sobieski looks like she's trying TOO hard to look sexy here. From the pose to the dress - all too much over the top.

Miley Cyrus looks silly in the dress and the pose.

Simple and basic in LBD, Michelle Trachtenberg.

What's the deal with Sheryl Crow and her 80s hair?

So wrong in LBD - Avril Lavigne.

My Fave: I like this LBD for the pleats in the front on Audrina Patridge.

Who owns it? My vote is neither. Ciara and Beyonce both look fat in this body hugging dress.

Candace Cameron Bure still looking good after three kids.

Some faces are just naturally beautiful, but Hilary Swank is not one of them no matter how you dress her up. Just being honest.

Fashion Watch: TomKat

I know people are annoyed that Tom Cruise seems to always be "holding" Katie, but it's sweet that they are always holding hands.

But, Tom Cruise looks so short standing next to Katie Holmes. I wonder why I never thought this about him when he was with Nicole Kidman.

They do both dress impeccably most of the time. Classy and elegant.