Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guess Who Also Wore This Dress Recently?

Salma Hayek has yet to pop out her little bundle of joy.

Party Dresses!

America Ferrera shows us that she's not really that ugly!

Jamie Lyn Spears must really like orange because this is like the five millionth outfit that she's worn in this color. Rumor has it that she's pregnant...she wasn't supposed to fall in her sister's footsteps.

Not sure I like this butterfly sleeve style dress because Ali Larter looks a little off.

Love this cute dress, so I am posting it again on Beyonce Knowles.

Has Claire Danes lost weight? Her shoulders seem to be protruding and she's not even standing in the "Hollywood" pose.

Not a fan of Kelly Ripa or the cotton ball inspired dress.

There's a reason why Diane Kruger was cast as Helen in Troy: she's one beautiful chick.

Look at the trendy colors yellow and blue (on Kristen Bell).

Aging well: Michelle Pfeiffer

Petra Nemcova looks beautiful despite that weird fit of this dress and pose.

Ally Sheedy looks a tad bit healthier than we saw her last.

Kim Kardashian

Rexi Watch: Amy Winehouse

Somebody needs to tell her that the skeletal look is not attractive.

Photoshop Magic

Wow - really? She thought this would be a good photo shoot?

I know Kelly Osbourne is on some kind of extreme weight loss for her role in the musical Chicago, but come on!

Your Fashion in Jeans

Jessica Alba favors the scarf look a lot. Probably because she's always so cold because she doesn't have enough fat on her body?

This pair of jeans looks outdated to me on Julia Stiles for some reason.

Kate Beckinsale rockin' the skinny jeans and a cute facial expression. Does she look like she's gained a few pounds?

Cute top on this pair of jeans on Hilary Duff.

Loving the wide-legged jeans with a long T-shirt on Katherine Heigl.

Diane Kruger is a classic beauty.

Jennifer Garner deflect with flowers.

Normal Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff looks absolutely normal in this sweats outfit sans the boots.

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

I'm trying really hard to understand why Gwen Stefani is considered a trendsetter. Her fashion choices lately have been atrocious. What is the deal with these pants? It doesn nothing to flatter the body.

Casual Dresses

Marcia Cross looks back to her pre-pregnancy weight in this long trendy summer dress. The print reminds me of The Sound of Music curtain dresses that Maria made for the children.

Victoria Beckham keeps her plastic legs cool in this short dress.

Uma Thurman strolling around in navy.

This dress looks ill-fitted on Christy Turlington.

Anne Hathaway throws on this jumper to walk her dog and boyfriend.
Nikki Hilton donning this summer's trendy mod dress.

Is that really Jennifer Aniston in a dress other than black or blue?

NutriSystem must be working for Tori Spelling because she looks cute in this red gingham dress.

It must really be love because Luciana Damon is still with Matt.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fashion Disaster

Mary-Kate Olsen on the set of Weeds dressing like a...pregnant bag lady?

This dress would have been fine if she wore a strapless bra instead of trying to be sexy with the red one.

I think Parker Posey thought it would be fun to include every color under the rainbow with her outfit. Her dress is actually cute, but the orange purse and purple umbrella? Really?

Weight Loser: Jenna Fisher

What happened Jenna Fisher aka Pam? She looks like she's lost a ton of weight!

Your Plastic Doll

Victoria Beckham continues to strut her plastic self all over L.A.

Rexi Watch: Rachel Zoe

Does anybody else think that Rachel Zoe has an eating disorder? She's only 36 years old but she already looks so old!

Fashion Watch: Rosario Dawson

Doesn't Rosario Dawson look like she's about to go play tennis in this all white attire? Cut the pants to shorts and she's ready!

Weight Watcher: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

It's probably just the angle, but Jennifer Love-Hewitt actually looks like she may have lost five or so pounds. Why did she have to ruin this cute dress with super tight and shiny leggings?

Not Aging So Well

Rosanna Arquette looks every bit her age and then some (she's 47).

Party Dresses

Vanessa Hudgens should learn to stand like a lady.

Stacy Kiebler shouldn't wear this lantern sleeve dress because it adds ten pounds to her fit frame.

Kate Middleton shines in this short dress. I wonder if Princess Diana would approve of her son dating this woman.

Laura Prepon looking super fab in this trendy color yellow dress. What happened to her red hair and the extra ten pounds?

Naomi Campbell pretends to be a peacock in this dress.

Samantha Harris is pregnant but looks very slim in this trendy style dress. Love the splash of pink in her purse.

Sarah Chalke wraps herself in this black dress with a huge bow.

Hayden Panetierre is everywhere nowadays. Love the dress! Saw one at H&M.

I think it's so funny when celebrities announce their pregnancies and them it's like, wham! they are huge as Isla Fischer can testify!

Not sure why anything Jessica Alba wears just doesn't sit well with me.

Katharine McPhee keeps it short as she performs.

I feel like Jane Seymour is unwilling to let go of her youth in the way that she keeps her hairstyle the same way for years (she's totally stuck) and wearing dresses that are way too young for her age. She looks good for her age though.

Anne Hathaway keeps it loose with the braided belt in this white dress.

Christina Applegate wants to be taken seriously in this dress.

As per usual, Catherine Zeta-Jones shows us how it's done "movie star style."