Saturday, November 17, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Looking beautiful au natural - Katherine McPhee. Her weight tends to fluctuate as well. She looks to have gained a few. Maybe it's all the engagement celebration dinners?!?

Amy Winehouse was booed recently when she sang live. I guess that's what drugs and an eating disorder would do to you.

Star Jones looks kind of normal here. Since she's lost all that weight, she was looking like an alien for awhile.

Looks like Victoria Beckham whipped these girls in shape because they are all looking quite thin.

Pamela Anderson seriously needs to give up the sexy, youthful look and admit that she's old now.

Who didn't love Molly Ringwald in all those teeny boppy movies? She has definitely grown into a voluptuous woman. Lindsay Lohan reminded me of her for awhile because of the red hair, but the blonde dye has totally ruined it.

Marriage definitely agrees with Ellen Pompeo because she looks great and not overly thin.

All that dancing has paid off for Jennie Garth because she looks great!

Jennie Garth looks a lot like Kellie Taylor here.

I don't remember America having a weight requirement to model (they have suggestions), but I believe Alessandra Ambrosio looks a little heavier.

Adriana Lima, on the other hand tends to slim down when she has a modeling "gig."

Allison Sweeney has lost some weight since we last saw her.

Beyonce, when are you going to learn that you cannot wear high waisted pants?

The original "The Body," Elle McPherson.

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

For all those that think Hilary Duff is too chunky, they should really stop because she looks great.

She's really growing into a woman with dignity.

My Fave Coat

I'm not a fan of grey coats, so this one on Pink is only okay.

The style of Paris Hilton's coat is totally cute, but it's kind of short to wear alone for a normal person. On Paris, you'd expect it.

I thought mink fur coats were boycotted long ago, so why is Patti Labelle still wearing one?

Teri Hatcher is all bundled up and yet her daughter barely has any clothes on.

Not feeling the sleeves on Lauren Graham's coat. Coats should keep you warm all over not just in one particular place.

Leelee Sobieski looks like a college kid here.

Mixing leather and wool together - Mary-Louise Parker.

Mandy Moore in animal print with one time flame, D.J. Am (Nicole Richie's ex fiance). I find him rather repulsive.

Black wool coats is definitely a fave of celebrities for the winter - the talented Alicia Keys.

This is one ugly coat on Ciara.

Not sure I'm feeling prints on coats - Carrie Underwood.

Dita von Teese's style is growing on me. Unique yet classy. I still think she could use a tan.

My Fave: This is going to sound contradictory, but I love Katie Holmes' short sleeved coat and color. Unique but still trendy.

Fashion Watch: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell with new boyfriend. Blondes look so pretty in yellow.

She's another celebrity that is not rextremely thin but looks healthy and fit. Not sure I can say the same about this outfit.

Nor this. Unfortunately, Kristen Bell is not one of my favorite "fashinistas."

Random Fashion Post

Here is Keira Knightley on the movie set. Not a fan of Ms. Knight because she sounds really arrogant. Maybe she should get together with Justin Timberlake who is just as arrogant if not more.

Interesting ensemble on Kate Walsh. Are her pants really that long? She would have looked so much cuter with a wide red belt around her long shirt.

Nicole Scherzinger proves that not everybody who goes solo succeeds.

Petra Nemcova looks so much like a school girl here. I've seen jeans rolled up but never on denim skirt. Not sure how I feel about this look.

Eva Longoria's dress is all right, but I love her sandals. Is L.A. really that warm right now? I'm freezing here in China.

Elle McPherson is like a chameleon in fashion. One minute she's Hollywood glamour and the next she's punk rock.

I don't know if Glenn Close has had any plastic surgery, but she looks good. Her quirky fashion sense is WAY better than Diane Keaton.

Heidi Klum, as usual looks flawless.

Alicia Keys wearing Kim Kardashian signature dress - skin tight.

Christina Milian wears this top with tights but Eva Longoria wore it as a dress recently.

Eve and Dita von Teese together somehow looks odd.

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

Not exactly sure why she's hanging out with ex, Aaron Carter, but I love her outfit. It looks "thrown together," but still totally chic without being messy.

Not feeling the doile/curtain/lace top.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

Is it the angle or does Hayden Panetierre look a lot thinner? I love this dress on her.

This jacket is so wrong for a black tie event.

I must admit that Hayden Panetierre looks really pretty here in this dress. She looks to be in great shape because even the horizontal stripes don't make her look fat.

Goofing off with fellow castmate, Kristen Bell. A little childish to be sitting on each other's laps.

Spice Girls Fashion

I was totally disappointed in their new song and video "Headlines." Boring and kind of ridiculous. All I could see was a bunch of older women showing off their bodies.

Victoria Beckham is such so fake from head to toe.

Melanie Brown who lost her baby weight pretty quickly looks good.

Material girl wannabe Geri Halliwell. I find her annoying because she shows off her body way too much. Yes, we know you lost your baby weight and then some, but stop showing it off. After all, she has admitted to having an eating/body issue.

Emma Bunton looks great.

I find myself always laughing whenever I see pictures of Victoria Beckham because her poses are so "out there."

Fashion don'ts (see below). What in the world is Victoria Beckham wearing? Are those shorts?

Geri Halliwell wore this Robert Cavalli dress that Britney wore!

As did Emma Bunton. How embarassing!