Sunday, October 7, 2007

Christina Ricci Gains A Few

Christina Ricci is an admitted eating disorder "healer," so I'll give her props for looking healthier here. However, she also yo-yo diets a lot. When she's filming, she's usually a lot thinner.

I think this weight is perfect for her, but what's the deal with the haircut? The guy is suppose to be her new boyfriend.

Maternity Fashion

Why is Christina Aguilera insisting on not coming out publicly about her pregnancy? Who cares? So you're going to have a baby! Please get rid of your red lipstick!

Halle Berry is a one chic pregnant lady!

The Spears Family Drama

Poor Britney Spears can't get a break. Her house has been broken into and while en route to her other house in Malibu, she gets a flat tire.

What do you think these officers are thinking at the moment?

Mom and sister Jamie-Lyn Spears come to the resuce? What kind of shoes is Jamie wearing?