Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fashion Disasters

Michelle Branch looks like a walking doile.

Have you noticed that most people who struggle with their weight, especially anorexics wear very loose clothing? Here is Rachel Zoe (on right) in an ugly and loose dress. Are you still a stylist if you can style yourself?

I don't mind women dressing like men, but if you're gonna do it, you shouldn't wear high water trouser pants. Amanda Peet has the serious case of disaster!

Once again, another stylist who can't dress herself. Gwen Stefani's dress is actually kind of cute even though it looks like a rainbow. But, why would she wear pants underneath it? And with red flip flops? Check out her son, Kingston's pants. Poor thing!

Heidi Klum usually looks flawless, but I think she's wearing too tight of clothing to show off her slimmer frame.

Fashion Dresses

I don't know why I only see an image of a zebra when I look at Teri Hatcher in this dress.

The average looking Michelle Tractenberg tries to look sexy with lace and satin. Not working.

Petra Nemcova wears the lace look well here.

I don't know why she wore such dark hosiery underneath this dress. It totally dwarfed her look.

Any kind of outlining around your bust area always stands out more than it should on Sophia Bush. She reminds me a lot of a younger version of Demi Moore. Even her voice is low and raspy.

I only see bones sticking out of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rexi or not?

I can't believe that I actually like this dress better on Kimberly Stewart than "Can't Dance" Rihanna.

Kimora Lee Simmons looks coral red here.

Leanne Rhymes all grown up. She's also one of those celebrities that probably has an eating disorder if you compare her older pictures. She definitely was much heavier. And it's not because of adolescence.

Mary J. Blige seems like a diva to me. She was quoted as once saying that she didn't like it when others would start copying her look. A trench coat for a dress? I won't be copying that!

What in the world is around Mena Suvari's boobs?

Ivanka Trump looks business casual here.

A real actress, Jodie Foster!

Not feeling the jumper straps on Jennifer Garner.

Is that a slight bump on Jennifer Garner?

Glad to see that Jennifer Hudson has only changed her hairstyle and has not whittled down her curvy figure to rexi proportions like her fellow American Idol, Carrie Underwood. By the way, her performance in Dream Girls is way overrated!

I find it odd looking to pair a classy looking dress with flats even if it is Charlize Theron wearing it!

The ever youthful and beautiful Demi Moore in LBD.

Too much shine for my taste, Eva Mendes!

Evan Rachel Wood morphing more and more into Dita von Teese! Does she realize that she should not be her fashion role model?

Fergie decided to keep the bird's feather as a memorabilia.

Just a couple of posts ago, Ashanti looked a lot heavier. She slimmed down fast! Unfortunately, she chose the wrong outfit to show it off! Long camisole over your skirt is so tacky!

Anne Hathaway in yet another dress with a bow!

I don't know why Alicia Keys isn't more popular. She's beautiful and so talented!

Ashlee Simpson once again puts away the rocker looks and goes glam! She's looking better than Jessica these days!

I can't decide if Carmen Electra is a gift box or just a bunch of feathers!

Hair Disaster: Nelly Furtado

Do blondes really have more fun? Is that why Nelly Furtado lost some weight and changed her hair color? Some people just can't go blonde! She looks horrible!

Rexi Watch: Angelina Jolie

The ever shrinking Angelina Jolie! She is starting to look emaciated to me. Why is Brad Pitt not intervening on her behalf?