Saturday, June 30, 2007

Julia Roberts with New Baby!

Here is Julia Roberts with son Henry Moder one and a half weeks later. How is she able to walk around so soon and looking pretty good, I must say! Even though I'm not a big fan of hers, I kind of miss watching romantic comedies featuring Mrs. Danny Moder.

Weight Watcher: Kelly Ripa

Have you watched Kelly Ripa on 'Live with Regis and Kelly?' I think I would watch that show if Kelly wasn't on it. She totally annoys me. Did you watch that episode in which Clay Aiken put his hand over her mouth and she got all annoyed and then it completely blew up when Rosie O'Donnell commented that she was "homophobic" on 'The View?' I applauded Clay Aiken for doing what most Americans want to do when they watch that show. Anyway, here she is in a bikini sporting a body that most women would want even if they haven't had three children.

Weight Loser: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton must have read all her press coverage regarding her recent jail release and noted that most people commented on her weight gain. Well, she did not waste any time losing all the prison weight gain because she looks back to her thin self. Here she is 'vacationing' in Hawaii and looking 'posed.'

Weight Watcher: Claire Danes

I totally watched her on 'My So Called Life.' The show captured what high school was like and made me believe her character. But, like all shows about high school, it had to end some time. Since then, Claire Danes has been in a lot of movies and dating even more co-stars. Here she is walking her dog in SoHo and sporting a scarf no less. She looks like she lost some weight recently. And, why do celebrities insist on going bra-less? Don't they know it makes them look trashy?

Weight Watcher: Madonna

I know I said that this color blue is in, but seriously, wearing the whole outfit in blue is just a tad too much even for Madonna. The queen of pop looks totally toned even though most of her skin is covered up. Look at her arm muscle bulging through her shirt. She is looking quite thin and pale though, I must say. Still, she is looking good for a woman over 40!

Fun Picture of Reese Witherspoon

I heart Reese Witherspoon. I think that she has a lot of talent and seems to have her head on her shoulders. I am sad to say that she is in the middle of a divorce with her actor husband, Ryan Phillippe. I know that her children Ava and Deacon are probably taking it the hardest. I read in an interview somewhere awhile ago that she said that she really valued traditions and keeping her marriage in check was one of her priorities. Divorce is hard on everybody. I hope that she and Ryan can settle the divorce without putting their children in the middle of it.

Fashion Watch: Michelle Williams

I don't know why Michelle Williams is a celebrity. She just looks so plain to me. I understand that you need to hire actors that look plain to respresent the mainstream, but why is she getting more famous? She had a daughter with Heath Ledger about a year ago and she lost her baby weight pretty quickly as well. Anyway, here she is out and about donning an ugly haircut with an even uglier dress. Don't even get me started on her sandals. What are they? Oh, and please get a tan.
Grade: Fail due to whole ensemble

Weight Loser: Marcia Cross

I have a confession to make. I have never watched 'Desperate Housewives.' You would think that I would enjoy that show because I'm a mom, but I can't sit through an hour of four catty women talking and yelling at each other or others. I might tune in for the fashion, but in the end, I decided that I didn't want to waste 60 minutes of my time sitting through an hour of pure sensationalism. Yes, I know that TV and movies are supposed to extract you from your real world, but I really don't want to be subjected to these four women's voices. I am not a fan of any of the women on the show. I especially dislike Eva Longoria. For awhile, I thought Felicity Huffman's character (Lindsay) was worth watching, but I heard that she got all weird as well. Anyway, here is Marcia Cross (Bree) strolling with one of her twin girls (she gave birth Feb. 20). She looks like she already lost all her baby weight and that's not an easy thing to do after carrying twins.

Fashion Watch: Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner

How rude! Jodie Sweetin is best known for her role on 'Full House' as Stephanie Tanner. I guess not all actors grow up looking so hot. She was messed up for awhile due to her addiction to meth, but she is supposedly clean now. I know Jodie hasn't worked for awhile, but can't she put something on that's not as hideous as this outfit? Let's see, a salmon cropped jacket that is a size too small with a white bustier pushing out her assets paired with some acid wash jeans that are an inch too short. What is up with the shoes? Jodie, please hire a stylist fast. You definitely need some help.
Grade: E

Fashion Watch: Kristin Cavallari

I still don't know why she's famous, but I love her loose white top. It's perfect for the summer. You can dress it down or up like what Kristin is doing here. She dressed it up by pairing it with black skinny jeans and peep toe heels. What is it with this pose? It seems like every celebrity stands this way. I know that it is supposed to make you look thinner, but can't they just pose normally?

Grade: B

Weight Loser: Katie Holmes

I guess all the pregnancy rumors can be laid to rest because Katie doesn't look like she's sporting any kind of bump anywhere on her body. She is morphing into Victoria Beckham though. Come on, Katie. Find your own look and own it!

Guess Who Isn't Aging Well?

Yes, it's Sharon Stone. I never watched Basic Instinct, but I know she looked hot back then. Some people just don't age very well. On a side note, doesn't she look super gaunt?

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

You all know that I heart Hilary Duff, but her outfit on 'The Today Show' in New York (6/29/07) leaves little to be desired. The black and white button straps draw too much attention to them and takes away people's eyes from her face. I'm also not feeling the gargantuan hoop earrings. I do like the scrunched middle area and I think the length is great. Those shoes are super cute!

Grade: C+

Weight Gainer: Elisha Cuthbert

I am a huge fan of '24.' I am so glad that Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) has not had any close contact with his daughter(Elisha Cuthbert) for the last several seasons. She was so annoying on the show that every time she was on a scene, I literally had to look away from the TV. Here she is grocery shopping and looking like she packed on a few pounds. Again, she is not fat by any means. Looks like not working on '24' gave her some extra time to munch on snacks.

Weight Loser: Jessica Simpson

Wow. How DO celebrities do it? I know, I know. Personal trainers, hired chefs, etc. but still. I still think that even though celebrities have the money to help them lose weight, I applaud Jessica Simpson for having the discipline to exercise and eat right. Supposedly, she went on a '5 Factor Diet' that advocates eating everything in moderation without cutting out carbs or calories. Sorry - you have to cut back calories and exercise to burn the calorie intake to lose weight. Again, it's simple math. All that to say, Miss Simpson is looking very nice in the trendy blue color dress. I'm not sure I like the length on her because she's petite (5'3"), and again, dresses above her knee would flatter her more.