Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Fave Jeans

I have to admit that Minka Kelly is more "physically suitable" for John Mayer than his ex, Jessica Simpson.

Pairing jeans with the trendy leather jacket right now, Penelope Cruz.

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker's boots. I feel for her that she was voted "Most Unsexy," but in some ways, I have to agree.

Letting her inner child come out, Vanessa Hudgens out and about with her teddy bear.

Even though Elizabeth Hurley is no longer a supermodel, she still looks great. She's definitely travelling in style.

Is that Victoria Beckham? Nope, that's Kimberly Stewart pretending to be Posh. Her peasant like top has been worn by many other celebrities.

Marcia Cross in wide-legged jeans.

I don't get the white shirt over black bra look - EVER. Megan Fox doesn't need to dress sexy because she sort of exudes the sexy aura already.
I really need to get a leather jacket like Giselle Bundchen's.

Jennifer Garner can learn a thing or two from Heidi Klum. Even when photographed out and about with her children, Ms. Klum looks flawless.

And when Heidi Klum is all dolled up, her younger Victoria Secret models have nothing on her.

I rest my case with Jennifer Garner.

Anybody like Kristen Bell on Heroes?
Mixing gold heels with silver purse, Beyonce.

Only somebody tall and slender like Cameron Diaz can pull off this long sweater look.

What do you think of Elisha Cuthbert's new haircut? Love the scarf and skinny jeans with her tuxedo inspired cropped jacket.

My Fave: I absolutely love Eva Longoria's top with jeans. Nicolette Sheridan, however looks kind of messy.

Even though Eva Longria is annoying, she does have style.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

No matter how much weight Rumer Willis loses, she will always have that awkward look. Brooke Burns isn't looking as rextremely thin here either.

It's good to see Amy Winehouse with an extra pound or so and also dressing nicely for a change, but she has to get rid of that ugly make-up and ginormous beehive.

Old age must suck for celebrities because Daryl Hannah obviously has aged, but she refuses to admit it based on this outfit.

Remember when Eva Herzigova was rextremely thin back in the days? Well, she's had a baby and looking rather healthy these days.

I believe Keri Russell can now be in the rextremely thin club.

Nikki Hilton was looking rather thin recently, but she looks to have gained some back.

Reese Witherspoon In Love?

She sure does walk around with a spring in her feet lately. I adore this outfit on her. I have a shirt very similar to othis and I wear it all the time. I layer with a long sleeve now that it's cold.

This is a smile of someone in love?

So normal and casual. If this isn't love, what is?

Cute dress.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

First of all, Lindsay Lohan really needs to shed the blonde hair. Red heads are so naturally beautiful. One of the reasons why she came to fame so quickly is because of her unique beauty. With the red hair gone, she looks just like another Hollywood blonde bimbo...with ugly plaid pants.

I see the tights are back with a vengeance.

The tights are her signature look, so I'm sure she has a million of them.

There were many other shots of her in this outfit showing her panties, but I personally think it's gross, so I didn't choose those. It would look so much better with (gasp!) tights.

Check out her canvas purse. Very innovative.

Pale, Perky, and Still Retremely Thin: Angelina Jolie

I realize it's probably the flash from the camera, but Angelina Jolie looks really pale and sickly here.

That is one good bra!

If she gained like 20 pounds, she would look so much better. What do you think?

Fashion Watch: Rihanna

Can you believe she's only 19? I'm beginning to favor her over Beyonce.

Not sure what she's wearing here, but she is a cutie pie even though she can't dance.

She kind of has old Hollywood glamour in this dress.

I had a shirt in this plaid in the 8th grade.

She must really love this print because she has two outfits in them.

Carrie Underwood So Purrrty

Even though Carrie Underwood's beauty resembles that blonde popular "chick" that everybody knew in high school, I can't help but like her.

Glad to see that she's not rextremely thin anymore, too.