Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fashion Watch: Jessica Simpson

I love her red purse. Jessica Simpson takes the scarf trend to a whole new level - she ties it to her purse.

This picture is from her sister Ashlee's 80s themed birthday party. Is she holding a baby? That's so tacky especially coming from a preacher's daughter.

She looks mad in the second picture. Not feeling the leather trench coat.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

Hayden Panetierre finally puts away the rocker long T-shirts. Is it warm enough for sweaters now?

She kinda looks cute here, I guess.

Please tell me it's still not true that Milo is dating Hayden.

I'm glad to see that she hasn't whittled down to the Hollywood rextremely thin club....yet. If she wants to have kids in the future, she should consider staying on a healthy diet so that her body doesn't get all whacked out for the future.

She's dressed like an old lady here. And why would she shop at Express? Their clothes are so ugly. Check out the rextremely thin lady in blue. Her legs are scary!

There's her signature look - rocker T-shirt.

Not Surprised That Amy Winehouse Suffers From Bulimia

Amy Winehouse's dad has said that not only does she have drug/alcohol problem but also suffers from bulimia. Duh! I think that it's probably coupled with anorexia because most bulimics do not lose that much weight.

In any case, she does seem to look a little better.

Debbie Gibson Reminds Us To Get Lost

If you were a teenager growing up in the 80s and early 90s, you would look at Debbie Gibon and remember her "I Get Lost In your Eyes" song. She's a total has-been now, but back then she was the Britney Spear of our time. In fact, this song was about her stealing Brian Bloom (with really blue eyes) from Kate & Allie's Allison Smith (she played Jennie Lowell). Scandalous in those days!

She has lost some weight recently and looks good, but her fashion style is atrocious!

Formal Skirt Trend Alert!

Celebrities have been wearing skirts to formal affairs for awhile (remember Sharon Stone wearing a Gap top with a skirt?), but it has definitely been making the scenes again. Here is Blake Lively (not looking rextremely thin) in a pleated skirt.

Claudia Schiffer (her face is weird to me) in gold!

I still don't know why Chloe Sevigny is a celebrity. Her face is average like Michelle Williams.

Pretty tame for Naomi Campbell.

Petra Nemcova wearing the very trendy black skirt with white top.