Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

It's unfair to put Lisa Marie Presley under this post, but I wanted to show that she's not fat; she's pregnant. She is suing some tabloid for calling her fat. Wow. That's awesome! I hope she wins!

It's probably the blunt pull back look, but Rachel McAdams looks really thin here.

I just know that one of these days, Renee Zellweger is going to come out with her confession with an eating disorder.

Shar Jackson looks thinner, but she has an "apple" shaped body (where the top is bigger than the bottom).

Rexi skinny Victoria Beckham said recently that she doesn't like to work out because she can't imagine wearing flats! It's almost an admission to an eating disorder, right? I can't stand this outfit on her.

Kelly Clarkson looks about the same weight-wise, but she has gained a lot of weight since her American Idol days. I'm still a fan.

Lily Allen looks thinner to me here.

I owned a dress like this 15 years ago. Leelee Sobieski does look like she's lost a few.

I am a fan of Mandy Moore and love that she's maintaining her healthy weight.

Naomi Watts obviously lost all her baby weight, but why did she forget to wear a bra?

Courtley Love did not only lose her weight but also her fashion sense. Oh, wait. She never had that.

Christina Ricci looks really cute with this hairstyle. I totally want to watch Penelope just for her. Hopefully, she won't get rexi skinny again.

Fran Drescher looks great for her age!

Janet Jackson and her smoking hot body!

Jamie Pressly looks like she's gained several pounds, but I think it's just the angle.

Naturally rexi skinny? Angie Harmon.

Adrianna Lima is one of those models that gains a few when she's not modeling.

I can't tell if Amy Winehouse has gained some weight, but she looks a tad better.

Getting rexi-skinny Celine Dion.

Has Carmen Electra gained a few?

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