Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Real Boleyn Girl: Natassia "Scarlet" Malthe

This is the girl that the movie The Other Boleyn Girl is based on, I think. Natassia Malthe is a lot prettier than Scarlett Johanssen. Killer dress.

My Fave Celebrity Coat

Again, trench coats as a dress is just not okay in my book and especially because Paris Hilton is wearing it.

You can't really see Vanessa Minnillo's coat, but Nick Lachey looks good. The real question is why is he still with her?

My Fave: If I am going to wear a trench coat, I would love this one on Cheryl Cole. It's short and chic.

Where has Felicity Huffman been? Looks like she's getting quite thin again.

Kate Winslet looks matronly here. Love the purse.

Is it really that cold, Natalie Portman?

Ellen Page a Lesbian?

I don't know if Ellen Page is a lesbian or not, but I'm not down with this outfit and the skinny tie. And seriously, she needs to do something with her hair.

This outfit is kind of screaming, "I'm different; I don't care; I'm a lesbian?!"

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

I think Hilary Duff is growing into her own style and being comfortable with it. She's not copying anybody's look and she's definitely comfortable in her skin.

However, there is no excuse to be wearing three seasons ago's UGGS.

Hanging out.

She's on the far left. She's thin but not overly so.

Ashlee Simpson Still Finding Her Style

Ashlee Simpson is trying so hard to find her style. One day she's blonde and glam. The next day, she looks like this.

I will say that it's a good thing that Ashlee Simpson has her new nose. It has completely changed her look.

Why I Love Heidi Klum

Look what Heidi Klum changed into after her red gorgeous dress! Only Heidi can pull this look off. What makes her love her? Have you watched Project Runway? She's nice!

Picture Source: Just Jared

Britney Spears Still Crazy

I dont' get Britney Spears. If I lost the rights to see my children, I would do everything in my power to make it so that I could see them. She just doesn't seem to care.

And then she does get to see them. Is it enough for her?

Photoshop in Magazines

This magazine cover is totally photoshopped because Miley Cyrus doesn't really look like this. It's usually a lot fuller.

I get that Naomi Watts is trying to be sexy, but I think it's way over done.

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze wearing papier mache?

I've seen pictures of Alicia Keys close-up, and let's just say she could use some Proactiv.

This doesn't even look like Amy Adams. Lindsay Lohan wore this dress recently in Milan.

What have they done to America's Sweetheart, Drew Barrymore? Her face looks totally different.

Whose face looks like this? Katee Beckinsale is making that annoying pucker look again.

I don't know why magazines have to photoshop so much. Kylie Minogue looks weird here, too.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Her Curves

I'm so glad that Jennifer Love Hewitt is not letting the press damper her spirits by calling her fat.

This is one happy girl on Valentine's Day.

The dress works for her and she certainly looks happy. So glad to see a celebrity smiling and showing off some teeth.

Random Celebrity Fashion Post

Remember her from Ashley Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? This is Tatyana Ali all grown up having fun with yellow and blue. It works.

Monice Cruz, Penelope's younger sister looks way better than her.

Not a fan of Marisa Tomei's "suit."

Look at Rebecca Romijin's legs! Easy and safe outfit. Red purses are on its way out though.

This is Sarah Jessica Parker all bundled up and still looks rextremely thin!

What is Sharon Stone wearing here? A suit? With a mid-drift shirt?

Jennifer Garner and Matthew McCaughnahey (how do you spell is darn name?) I don't get both of their appeal.

Jordin Sparks looks cute in blue and black, but I'm afraid these colors are also on their way out.

Katherine Heigl in one of her myriad of cute sweaters. Did she win the lottery or something? That's a lot of shopping bags. Oh wait. She's an actress. They either make movies or shop.

I've often wondered how Lisa Kudrow feel about being left out of the tight bond between Courtney Cox-Arquette and Jennifer Aniston.

Leighton Meester has been looking weird to me lately. Maybe it's the ultra flat hair?

What is Aisha Tyler wearing here? What's the deal with the pose?

Elizabeth Berkeley aka Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell. She still working after the disastrous Showgirls?

Eva Mendes is trying very hard to look serious because she just came out of rehab.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - the queen and king of country music.

I'm not a fan of trench coats as dresses especially if it shines - Garcelle Beauvais.

Nicole Richie Already Skinny and In Love!?

Can you believe Nicole Richie already looks like this? Of course, she didn't have much to lose after her baby was born just a month ago. Here she is with Joel and they look like they are in love.

Can't you see them gazing into each other's eyes?

Celebrity Maternity Fashion

It's good to see some meat on Cate Blanchet. And I don't mean just around her belly.

I'm sorry, but this dress would not pass on Project Runway. Cate Blanchett usually looks flawless, but this is not one of them.