Thursday, September 13, 2007

Maternity Fashion

Mira Sorvino looks really hippy here with her long shirt and skinny pants. Should she still be caring her daughter around sporting that big belly?

Every time I see a picture of Nicole Richie with an even huger bump, I'm always shocked that she's indeed pregnant.

Celebrity Runners

Neil Haskell and Danny Tidwell working up a sweat around the track. I miss running on tracks. It's the safest place to run in China because there are no cars honking at you.

My Fave Short Dress

Lucy Liu and Demi Moore - the news is that Demi Moore has had a lot of work done to look the way she does. Now, it seems she's as fake as Victoria Beckham.

Why does Mariah Carey always look like she's from the 80s?

Melissa Joan Hart looks like a mom in this dress at the VMAs.

Plain, boring, and quite ugly dress on Rosario Dawson.

Looks like Rebecca Gayheart has been forgetting to eat lately. She looks rather rexi here.

My Fave: Rachel McAdams looks ravishing in this dress. The back of the dress is clasped together by a ring.

Stacy Kiebler looks sweet in white.

I'm assuming that Diane Kruger, Rosario Dawson, and Emmy Rossum are all wearing Tommy Hilfiger's dresses?

Kristin Davis just doesn't look the same since she left Sex and the City.

Leanne Rhymes and Michelle Trachtenberg at a fashion show.

Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz, Miss USA Rachel Smith, and former Miss USA Tara Connor.

Paris Hilton still sporting the poofy hairstyle that has aged her twenty years.

Petra Nemcova wearing some funky print.

Love Carmen Electra's shoes with this blue dress.

The Beauty and the Beast again - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

What is the deal with Debbie Gibson's hair?

Ellen Pompeo back to her rexi self now that Grey's Anatomy is about to begin.

Jo Jo shows us the innocence in this dress.

Hayden Panettiere Wears Shorts Again!

I don't know why Hayden Panettiere wears these short shorts all the time, but she's too "short" to wear them. However, her recent weight loss is evident in her legs.

Here she is at the airport returning from the VMAs. I figured that she was probably broken up with with her boyfriend, Stephen Coletti, but I didn't realize it would be this soon! Please don't tell me she is going to date her co-star uncle on her Heroes show, Milo Ventimigalia.

Rumer Willis Shows Off Skinny Body

For those that had doubts that Rumer Willis is losing weight, doubt no more. She definitely looks thinner.

It's hard to tell her weight loss here, but her arms look thinner.

These pizza pictures with Katherine McPhee crack me up. I doubt that they are actually eating pizza. What in the world does Katherine have on her legs?

Look at their faces. Katherine's pizza slice doesn't even look like it's been bitten into.

My Fave In Pants

I don't know why I find it humorous when celebrities bring their own pillows to fly, but surely they can afford to fly first class. Maybe Paris Hilton didn't?

Shakira's got back!

Scarlett Johanssen hanging out with boyfriend Ryan Reynolds. Love her Ray Ban sunglasses.

What in the world is Elisha Cuthbert wearing? She's too short to pull off this outfit.

My Fave: Emmy Rossum is the picture of feminine and chic in a loose white top and skinny black pants with flats.

Jessica Alba rocking the rocker T-shirt.

It seems that no matter what Kirsten Dunst wears, she looks horrible.

My Favorite LBD

My Fave: Amanda Bynes looks tres chic in this LBD.

The neckline is too high on Gina Gershon's LBD.

Vanessa Hudgen's LBD has too much shine for my taste.

Although Kelly Osbourne looks like she's lost some weight in this LBD, she looks like the bride of Frankenstein.

What is the deal with Rachel Leigh Cook's umbrella dress? And don't even get me started on her hair!

Sarah Chalke sporting the classic LBD.

Yet another classic LBD worn by Carmen Electra.

The never changing Diane Lane in a 50s inspired LBD.

The ever youthful Demi Moore in another version of the 50s inspired LBD. What's your fave?

People's Best Dressed Stars of 2007

In this week’s new double issue, People magazine names The 10 Best Dressed Stars of 2007.

BeyoncĂ© Knowles – The Showstopper
Cameron Diaz – The Legs
Katie Holmes – The Classic
Penélope Cruz - The Continental
Jessica Biel – The All-American
Drew Barrymore – The Chameleon
Jennifer Lopez – The Glamour Girl
Reese Witherspoon – The Celeb Next Door
Gwen Stefani – The Trendsetter
Ali Larter – The Newcomer

I have to admit that I agree with most of it on this list, but what the heck is the "continental?" Just because she's from Spain? Gwen Stefani as the Trendsetter? Please! Every outfit she's worn is a fashion disaster! Kate Moss should have been the Trendsetter. I would add Angelina Jolie as "The Eccentric," and Carmen Electra as "The Sexy Dresser."

However, I think it's great that this list doesn't include the Hollywood "it" girls. Just for fun, this is the list I would make of them:

Rihanna - The Showstopper
Keira Knightley - The Legs (this is a dumb category by the way)
Jessica Alba - The Classic
Vanessa Hudgens - The Continental
Amanda Bynes - The All American
Ashlee Simpson - The Chameleon
Lindsay Lohan - The Glamour Girl (when she wants to be)
Hilary Duff - The Celeb Next Door
Mary-Kate Olsen - The Trendsetter (even though I personally think her style is awful)
Hayden Panettiere-The Newcomer

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

While everybody else wore dresses, Jessica Alba opted for a suit. I must say, it "suits" her.