Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miranda Kerr is Beautiful and Dating Orlando Bloom

I love this outfit on Miranda Kerr. Makes me want Spring to come right now! I'm still wearing my winter down coat!

I don't know what happened to Orlando Bloom because ever since he got famous after the Lord of the Rings movies, he's gotten worse looking. Still, he's dating the beautiful Miranda Kerr right now. Love her gold flats.

Only Miranda Kerr can pull off this dress with yellow flip-flops.

Jessica Alba Shows Off Pregnant Belly at Nickelodeon Awards Show

There used to be a day when unwed pregnant moms-to-be were frowned upon, but here is Jessica Alba accepting an award at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Are these the women that my girls have to look up to one day?

Especially one who is not proud of her heritage?

More Nickelodeon Awards Fashion

Jordin Sparks pulls off the orange look well.

What in the world is Miley Cyrus wearing here?

AJ Michalka chose a great dress for her age.

Is Jodie Foster too cool to look cool?

Nickelodeon 2008 Kids' Choice Awards

Recently, some magazine listed several celebrities clothing size and America Ferrera was listed as a size 10. She is nowhere near a size 10 more like a size 6. Either that or she lost weight for this award show.

Cameron Diaz looks great for 35 years old, yeah?!

Rihanna's sense of style is almost as good as her dancing moves.

Victoria Justice channeling Victoria Beckham?

I don't know why Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to throw on those pants at the last minute. She would have looked like her normal 70s decor self without them. Has she lost some weight?

The only Asian representative - Brenda Song with some dude.

Hayden Panetierre has stepped out of the limelight lately with the induction of Miley Cyrus.

Abigail Breslin dresses like a kid.

Keke Palmer's shoes don't match her shirt.

Miley Cyrus with the infectious peace sign again. I wish she would dress like a 15 year old instead of some 35 year old. She should switch outfits with Cameron Diaz.

Lil' Mama going purple.

Nia Long looking short and sweet.

Shia LaBeouf should lose the facial hair. He has plenty of time to look older.

Chris Brown and Will Smith - Will looks so old!

Rexi skinny again?!? Ashlee Simpson.

Janet Jackson waves hello.

What's the deal with Emile Hirsch's facial hair, too?

Crazy and fat, Jack Black.

The popular Jonas Brothers. I like them because they seem like nice young boys. They have taken a purity pledge to remain virgins until they marry. Hurray for them for standing up for what they believe in!

Rexi Skinny Watch: Miranda Cosgrove

You probably recogize Miranda Cosgrove from School of Rock. She played the annoying girl, Summer Hathaway co-starring Jack Black. She went on to play Megan Parker on Drake and Josh, and she now stars as Carly Shay in the new Nickelodeon series, iCarly.

She will be either 14 or 15 on May 14, (Wikipedia listed her birthday year 1994 and 1993). She has substantially gotten thinner through the years. What do you all think? Is she rexi skinny or just "growing out of her baby fat?"

As is with all young Hollywood starlets today, the peace sign is contagious.

Brad Pitt Married Angelina Jolie!!?!!

Star Magazine is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married! I hope for their children's sake that their marriage will last. After all, it's Angelina's third trip down the aisle and Brad's second walk down the lane. I wonder what fabrications they will post now about Jennifer Aniston's reactions!