Thursday, September 6, 2007

Celebrity Weight Watching

Bridget Moynahan already out and about with newborn son with ex Tom Brady who's dating supermodel Giselle Bundchen. What drama!

At 52, Iman is looking good!

Paula Abdul, you should not be showing off those arms!

Rachel Zoe - the "raisin face" stylist that got us transfixed on Nicole Richie.

Maternity Fashion: Christina Aguilera

Purple is the color for the fall! Christina Aguilera looks plummy in this dress.

Jessica Biel Ups Kim Kardashian

Jessica Biel gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money. They both have huge behinds!

Magazine Covers

For all of those that are obsessed with celebrity weight, here are the top stories this week on who's rexi and who's not.

Ugly Betty's America Ferrera totally gets photoshopped. Her arms are not that thin!

Pretty tame outfit on Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Fashion in Pants

Mandy Moore looks pretty here, but she looks huge.

Is this like the 1950s or something? Why in the world did Eve tie a know around her short? She should also wear a bra!

Skinny pants - Claire Danes looks like she's ready to play mommy.

Charlize Theron flashes the world with her see-through shirt.

The ever youthful and beautiful Demi Moore.

This outfit is soooo much better, Eve!

Turning 60 Never Looked So Good!

Suzanne Somers turns 60 on October 4, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her. She looks good even though I feel like she isn't letting go of her Chrissy Snow character from Three's Company. Also kudos to her for being and staying married to her second husband Alan Hamel (she was pregnant with their child while he was still married to another woman at the time; she aborted the child).

Susan Sarandon turns 60 on October 4th, and she 's not looking bad herself! I can't say much about the sagging boobs on this dress though.

Kelly Clarkson Looks So Pretty

I am loving her hair here. While you can't see the rest of her body, it is obvious that she has gained a few pounds. I think this weight works for her though.

My husband is an Aggie, so Kelly Clarkson sporting the Longhorn T-shirt would not bode well with him. She looks comfortable and pretty. Hope more people come to support her in her concerts.

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

This outfit completely slims her even more. Way to play on stripes.

Is Gwen Stefani a walking Target advertisement? Cuz that sure looks like the Target logo. Cute picture of her and Kingston. Love it when your kids cuddle with you.

Not quite sure what she's wearing, but I'm glad to see her smiling. Would you buy her fashion line?

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Ever favoring the scarf look, Nicole Richie steps out in a mini-skirt and T-shirt draped in it.

Yet another scarf on an all black outfit.

Do you think she wears this dress all the time?

Finally, an obvious maternity dress that looks totally cute. Glad to see that she's gaining weight. Her half-sister looks a little gloomy. Has Joel Madden been putting on some sympathy weight?

My Fave Dress

When did Eve become White? The Farah Fawcett hair, lbd, red heels, Hollywood pose, and even the Lindsay Lohan ankle bracelet are all there!

Marcia Gay Harden looks a big glum. Could it be the weight gain and bad posture?

Ashton Kutcher must be her fountain of youth or something because Demi Moore is looking good lately!

Eve becomes more white!

Not feeling the hair on Vanessa Hudgens or the doile dress.

Gwen Stefani at Fashion Week wearing one of her L.A.M.B designs.

Sarah Michelle Gellar not looking quite as rexi here in a cute brown dress.

Madonna finally dresses her age.

Mischa Barton lost the ruffled look and extra few pounds simply by wearing this dress.

Maria Bello in a tight blue dress.

Love the green accent color in the heels on Natalie Imbruglia.

So glad Robin Tunney got killed off at the end of the first season of Prison Break. She's annoying. She speaks like Holly Hunter - a bit with a lisp.

Although not as slim as she was in The Nanny, she's not looking half bad for a woman of 50 years of age.

Helena Christensen hides behind her hair.

My Fave: Kimora Lee Simmons is rocking this dress although I probably wouldn't have gone matchy-matchy with the shoes as well.

Still not a fan of Lily Allen, but I must admit that she cleans up well. I don't understand why the media calls her "big" because she looks very average to me.

If Cashmere Mafia is bad, I think I'm still going to tune in just to watch Lucy Liu's crazy fashions and Tom Everett Scott (he was the sweet boy in That Thing You Do!).

Ashlee Simpson puts away the punk rock look for fashion week. Mom Tina is in the background trying so hard to keep her youth by dressing like one.

Diane Kruger looking beautiful effortlessly.

When you are as beautiful as Diane Kruger, you can wear anything and still look good...almost all the time.

Diane Lane is also another actress that doesn't seem to age to me. She still looks like she did in Lonesome Dove (great movie if you ever want to understand Texas history and culture).

Doesn't Demi Moore look good for her age?

Casual in Shorts

Fergie lands in my hometown of Seattle, Washington in a cute jumper shorts outfit.

I wonder if Kirsten Dunst has a stylist. Even when wearing something as simple as shorts, she just looks so messy.

Mandy Moore going uber casual to pick up her myriad of dry cleaning.

With pictures like these out, who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon?