Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weight Watcher: Lindsay Lohan

Here is Lindsay Lohan just moments before her DUI arrest. She looks slimmer in these photos. What do you think of her arrest? Should she go to jail?

Purse Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Ever since this trendy royal blue color has been in, I've been looking for a purse like Lindsay Lohan's. It's got the bohemian style that I like in the exact trendy shade. Yay or nay?

Fashion Watch: Patricia Heaton

What in the world does Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton wearing? And why is she standing all crooked? Will it really slim you down by turning sideways?

Weight Watcher: Anne Hathaway

Yet another Hollywood starlet being photographed as the official pose. Anne Hathaway looks pretty slim in this picture, don't you think? Cute ensemble.

Guess the Celebrity Weight Loser!

Check in tomorrow to see who's rocking the same dress as Britney's (though hers was white).

Celebrity Working Out: Hugh Jackman

I love it when celebrity couples work out together. Hugh Jackman with wife Debora Lee-Furness spending some gym time together in Australia. Looks like it's still pretty chilly in Australia (their seasons are reversed with USA).

Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham actually looks casual here, but she still looks like a plastic blow-up doll to me.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is learning some dance steps for her new movie role, Dare to Love Me wearing what Victoria Beckham called "too casual." Are track suits out of style? Granted, Lindsay's is a little updated with some fancy buttons around her waist and cuffs on the sleeves, but I, too thought that this style was on its way out.

Weight Watchers: Kurt Russell and Jack Nicholson

Just to be fair, men also gain weight as well. In my opinion, men tend to gain weight slower and lose weight faster than women. I have tons of guy friends that can drop 50 pounds if they go on some kind of diet (actually some don't even try), but my girlfriends on the same diet lose half the weight that they lose. What has been your experience?

Celebrity Runner: Geri Haliwell

It's been rumored that all the Spice girls are on a diet to lose weight before they go on their tour. Geri Haliwell looks to be at her goal weight because she looks tiny. I wonder if she'll dwindle down to "Posh's" size. Her trainer is ginormous!