Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Fave Dress

Forget about Naomi Campbell's dress, I want her friend's little purse.

Tia Mowry is so pretty in pink. Don't laugh, but I absolutely loved watching Sister, Sister. It was so corny but at least it was clean.

Which one doesn't belong? Ha, ha. Spice Girls on tour.

Megan Good wearing one of Kim Kardashian's trademark dresses.

My Fave: I love this dress on America Ferrera. It fits and flatters her very well.

Ali Landry got dipped in the choclate cone at Dairy Queen.

Elizabeth Banks looks awful here especially with those shoes!

Holly Robinson Peete looks fabulous here. She's a mom of four!

Ivanka Trump radiates royalty in purple.

Celebrity Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

Not many people can wear orange and I have to say that Victoria Beckham pulled it off. But, what's the deal with Heidi Klum's hair? And yellow heels?

When she wants to be sophisticated, I guess she can.

I seriously think Victoria Beckham has some issue with food because if you look at her old pictures, she looks completely different.

Love the hat and wide-legged jeans.

The Other Boleyn Girl

There is a lot of hype on this movie, but I bet that it will be a bomb. Any movie with Scarlett Johanssen's gotta bomb. I feel bad for Natalie Portman though.

Doesn't it look like Scarlett Johanssen is trying to outshine Natalie Portman? Not a fan of Natalie's dress. Looks again like a project runway reject. I'm watching season one of PR right now, so it's all I can think about.

Random Celebrity Post

Paris and Nikki Hilton celebrating Valentine's Day together?

I can't help but laugh at Kate Beckinsale's top. I wore this outfit in junior high.

Rudy Huxtable, is that you? Keisha Knight Pulliam grew up to be really pretty.

Just a girls night out on Valentine's Day for Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad.

What in the world is Miley Cyrus wearing here? Is it the 4th of July?

Why do grown women forget to put on their pants when they go out? Pamela Anderson, put some clothes on!

Robin Givens looks ageless.

Cassie and her fierce boots.

This is a bad choice for Charlize Theron. She looks like a project runway reject.

Hayden Panetierre out with her family on V day.

Why is Rupert Friend still holding the flowers that he bought for Keira Knightley? By the look on her face, she probably rejected it.

Love the sweater vest on Katherine McPhee.

Magazine and Photoshop

Why do magazines make the celebrities look so different than they really are? Is Ali Larter really this in "shape?"

Eva Longoria Parker looks totally different here.

We all know "crazy" Tyra Banks doesn't really look like this. Is anybody else as annoyed with her as I am? Most talk show hosts are horrible at asking questions. Instead of asking questions people can respond to, they will make statements like, "so you're pretty excited about the new film..." Instead, they should ask open-ended questions like "How do you feel about your new movie?" Ugh! I can't stand it when talk show host turn the conversation back to themselves as well. Tyra is the queen of that.

Whoa! Is that really Vanessa Minnillo?

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I read somewhere that gray tights were in, but on Lindsay Lohan it just looks like another pair of pants.

Wow, that's pretty daring. Tucking your shirt in with tights. Not just any pair of tights. Shiny pair of tights.

We were doing so well for awhile. Lindsay Lohan needs a new stylist to revamp her whole look.

I actually kind of dig this outfit.

Lindsay Lohan definitely looks better with dark hair. She should never dye it blonde again!