Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

I'm totally feeling Nicole Richie's maternity fashion. It's super cute and chic!

Do You Agree With Star?

It absolutely cracks me up how Star magazine decides who has the best and worst beach bodies. It shows that Jennifer Lopez has a cellulite. Come on - she's one of the few women out there that has a real woman's body. Mariah Carey has a best body? No way! What do you think?

Jennifer Garner Glam!

When Jennifer Garner wants to, she can look super glamerous! When she's a mom, she's like the rest of us.

Random Fashion Posts

Alicia Silverstone shows off her new svelte figure in a psychedelic top and short shorts.

Kirsten Dunst shows us that not all celebrities can pick pretty shoes.

Cameron Diaz is trying to tell us that not all blondes are dumb.

Lucy Liu wants to make the animal and floral print combination trendy. Ugh.

Celebrity Weight Watcher

Christina Applegate looks a little heavier on her new movie set.

Hilary Swank frolicking on the beach in a thinner body.

Kate Bosworth looks great at her healthy weight.

Rumer Willis looking thin in an ugly outfit.

My Fave Casual Dress

Brooke Burke looking svelte and chic in this dress.

Cameron Diaz is beginning to look the same in me no matter what she's wearing.

My Fave: It's probably her hair or something, but I'm totally feeling this dress.

Katherine McPhee on set of House Bunny. No, she's not fat - just fake pregnant.

Looks Like Love: Hilary Duff

Doesn't Hilary Duff's boyfriend remind you a little of Joel Madden? They say that you are attracted to the same type of guy/girl.

My Fave Dress

Doesn't it look like Naomi Campbell hasn't aged one bit?

The short hair looks good on Paris Hilton.

MyFave: Even though I really like Mandy Moore's dress, I like the pink one she's holding better.

Ciara looking quite thin here even though she's wearing vertical stripes.

Heather Locklear reminds me of a butterly in this dress for some reason.

Look at those muscular legs on Jennifer Lopez! She's a true beauty!

Kelly Preston in a boring and ugly black dress.

What is the deal with Lauren Conrad these days? She's everywhere. Here she is promoting her fashion line! What? She makes clothes, too?

Maternity Fashion

Christina Aguilera continue to dress like she's not pregnant. She definitely favors the layered look.

That baby is thinking "my mama is a hippy chick." Drea de Mateo looks like she's from the 60s in this get-up.

Fashion Disaster: Britney Spears

She makes it so hard doesn't she? Poor thing is always in the fashion disaster category. Really, someone should intervene on her behalf.

Rexi Watch: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley wearing a runway dress. Models usually look rexi and emaciated, but for someone who keeps denying that anorexia rumors, she sure looks like one.

Look at her! Does she think she looks good like this?

Different dress but same rexi body!

Look at her spinal cord protruding out! Cute hairstyle though!

My Fave In Jeans

Kylie Minogue (on right) looks healthy and cute here not like she did in that ghastly dress.

Mariska Hargitay leaving airport. Her looks are rather unique. She looks like she's gained a few pounds recently but definitely no where near fat!

Standing in the Paris Hilton pose, Ms. Hilton looks like she's gained a few as well. She looks so much better without her hair extensions.

My Fave: Sienna Miller taking the trendy yellow color to a whole new level in her shoe laces. I wonder how she comes with these ideas. Even though I'm not a Ms. Miller fan, I like the way she just seems to throw her outfits together.

Glad to see that Jessica Alba is dating Cash Warren (check out his plaid shorts and Lacoste shirt) again. Now, if he could only get her to eat...

I'm sure that Jennie Garth will lose some weight as she joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars. She was always my favorite on 90210.

Jessica Simpson looking quite cute and thin here!

Kate Walsh in very casual attire.