Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

The yellow color is everywhere this summer especially for Hayden Panettiere. This dress looks more "beach wear" than a dress to wear to town with some girlfriends.

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

I don't know how I feel about Cameron Diaz's outfit because the short shorts look is a trend that I will not be wearing. Even tall people can look chunky in these shorts sometimes. Cameron looks like she's got some meat on these legs, but they still look great! The grey cropped jacket looks kind of 80s to me, but I still like her yellow purse. What a great way to accessorize the trendy color!

Fashion Watch: Jessica Biel

If I had a rocking hot body like Jessica Biel's, I would not drape it over with left-over Tiger print rags and call it a dress. While you are taking out this dress, have you dumped that cocky boyfriend of yours yet, Ms. Biel?

Average or Super Model? Giselle Bundchen

I don't know why Giselle is so popular because I just don't see it. Okay, she's tall. She's thin. She's blond. Are these the only requirements? Give me Heidi Klum any day of the week. Now, that's a SUPERMODEL...and SUPER MOM.

Looking Her Age: Katie Holmes

I think this is the first picture of Katie Holmes that actually remind me of how she used to look on Dawson's Creek. She also doesn't look scary skinny here. This "little black dress" is a little tame to me because it's just so boring. There's no "omph" factor.

Fashion Watch: Rachel Bilson

Two cute dresses with one pair of sandals! Not bad, Miss Rachel Bilson. Pockets in the front of loose dresses is all the rage this summer.

I know the short dresses are in for the summer, but I like Rachel Bilson's idea of cinching her waist with a belt. Love it!

Fashion Watch: Amanda Bynes

Even with the rectangle white front, this dress is still totally cute on Amanda Bynes. For the fall, you can wear a lightweight long-sleeved black shirt and jeans. You will still be able to retain this trend.

This dress, however, I'm not feeling. She's super cute even though I still think her acting should be varied more, and this dress she's donning is not one of my favorites. The bottom part of her dress looks like curtains and the color washes her out. Not sure about the shoes either!

Fashion Watch: Carmen Electra

This outfit reminds me of a picture my friend recently sent me except she wore her outfit as a prostitute costume. Not feeling this outfit because the ripped sleeves, black boots in the summer look is just a little off. The hair is tied back a little too tightly for my taste.

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Minillo

If you are looking for the "little black dress," then Vanessa Minillo's dress is a good place to start. I am not a big fan of Vanessa's because secretly I still think Jessica Simpson is a better match.

Weight Watcher: Sienna Miller

Here is Sienna Miller with some Bollywood actor promoting global warming. It is probably the angle of the picture, but it looks like Ms. Miller is a little heavy around the arms and hips.

Weight Loser: Tori Spelling

Looks like Tori Spelling aka Donna from Beverly Hills 90210 has lot all of her baby weight. But, what is her husband, Dean McDermott wearing? I knew he was a loser, but come on!

Trend Alert: Red Ray-Ban Glasses

Bug-eyed glasses and aviator glasses are probably still in, but this summer is all about the Ray Ban. I have a pair of red sun glasses in the aviator style and it's a good way to give your outfit a splash of color. Even if you don't have any red clothing on, wearing a pair of red shades is still very hot.

Fashion Watch: Reese Witherspoon

I totally love Reese! Doesn't she look so summery in this trendy blue color loose shirt? I don't know about the skirt though. Looks a little plain to me, but the pose is cute! I wonder what she's fretting about.

Alexis Mead is Married!

Also known as Rebecca Romijin! She's married!

Weight Watcher: Paris Hilton

Doesn't it look like Paris Hilton knows that she looks "hot?" She's totally flaunting it!

Fashion Watch: Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban holding onto Nicole Kidman for dear life because she is in desperate need of some sun. Ms. Kidman always looks polished, but she obviously has had a lot of work done because she looks so differently from when she was first famous in 4th of July with Tom Cruise.

Aging Well: Lori Loughlin

I don't know if Full House Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky has had any work done, but she sure looks good after all these years!

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

When you want your waist to appear smaller than they really are, it is always a good idea to wear a dress that flairs out at the bottom and cinch your waist with a belt like what Lindsay Lohan is doing right here. Looks like Ms. Lohan is back to her old partying ways.

Tumble Down Kirsten Dunst

When celebrities fall, it is kind of embarassing. The short shorts and flowy shirt is really cute. Wear it with heels and it totally dresses it up.

Fashion Watch: Julia Stiles

So, I have this friend that is totally against floral capri pants. But, I think that this dress on Julia is totally in right now. Just make sure the length is long.

The "O" Smile: Jessica Simpson

Why do Hollywood starlets insist on doing this "O" look when they are photographed? I wonder if they know how stupid they look as they make this face. On a side note, Jessica Simpson seems to be keeping her weight off.

The Duff Sisters

Haylie and Hilary Duff vamping it up. Not feeling the big rose on Hil's dress, but the color is awesome and Haylie's dress looks like it's a tad big around the chest area.