Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weight Watcher: Kelly Clarkson

Despite dismal ratings for her My December new album, cancelled tours and fight with Clive Davis, Kelly Clarkson looks positively glowing in these pictures. Is it me or does she look like she's lost some weight as well?

Casual Dresses

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks classy in this stretched brown dress. Love that the shoes match her perfectly. This is the Catherine I remeber from the Mask of Zorro that made her famous.

With all the money that daddy Donald has, you would think that Ivanka Trump would be able to afford a dress not made out of tablecloth.

I wish I could say that Healther Locklear was on her way to the beach in this outfit, but unfortunately, I think she's actually going out in this outfit. Heather looks amazing at 40 and doesn't look like she's aged any since her Dynasty days, but a doile for a dress?

Fashion Watch: Liv Tyler

I know it's hard to stand out in Hollywood, but you should not pick your fashion to be one of the ways to stand out. Liv Tyler is a beautiful woman and looks great with all this weight loss, but this 80s inspired outfit is not one of the ways to communicate that you are beautiful. Her jacket really looks like she picked it up from a local Goodwill store. Nothing wrong with shopping there, of course. There are treasures there...just saying.

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

Are you a Jessica Alba fan? What do you think of her fashion choices? I don't know what the big deal is with Ms. Alba personally. She looks totally plain to me. Maybe it's because I read somewhere that she's has a diva attitude.

Nicole Richie Sighting

Okay, so you only see her back, but she looks like she's holding some watermelon. My mom used to tell me not to eat watermelon during my pregnancy because it is a natural birth inducer.

Your Casual Fashion Choices

Anne Hathaway would have looked way cuter without the hat and sneakers. Too chunky for my taste.

Jessica Alba does it right with cropped jeans, flip-flops, loose white top and even the hat looks like it goes together in this get-up.

I tend to like anything with wide-legged jeans and Rachel Bilson is no exception.

Rose McGowan looks just as crazy as her personality in this mismatched outfit. Blue hat with green purse? Two many splashes of color!

Airport Fashion

Victoria and David Beckham arriving in LA. Victoria totally cracks me up. She's always so dressed up! Supposedly, she doesn't eat anything for the 11 or so hours of flight from London to LA except for some mint tea. And she claims that she doesn't have an eating disorder?

Katherine Heigel at airport all smiley. I'm so glad because rumor has it that she's hard to work with on the set of Grey's Anatomy.

Amanda Bynes in skinny jeans and flip flops. My kind of attire for travelling. The most important gear for travel? I-pod of course! Does it look like Ms. Bynes has gained some weight recently? Just the angle of the photo probably.

Fergie trying to blend in at the airport. The big sunglasses isn't fooling anyone.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar arriving together but walking apart? Trouble in paradise?

Love the wide-legged jeans and the yellow head band. Clever way to add some color to a gray outfit.

Glam Dresses!

Amanda Bynes looking super cute in a short black sleeveless dress.

Glam it up in this corset dress worn by Gerri Halliwell. She is looking super slim and fit. Must be all that work out with that ginormous trainer.

This little black dress looks a little big on Kelly Ripa. Still not a fan.

This black dress on Stacy Kiebler is very forgiving but can look boxy if you don't have any curves.

This dress is very similar to Stacy Kiebler's in style except it's long sleeve. Jenny McCarthy looks so much more classy since she started dating Jim Carrey. Is that an oxymoron?

Fashion Watch: Jamie-Lyn Spears

I really hope Jamie-Lyn Spears stays this way. She just looks so innocent like this white dress she is wearing.

Fashion Disasters

Even if Sharon Stone paired this last summer's camouflaged trend with a better top, she still would look like she picked up this outfit at the local thrift store!

Gwen Stefani is supposed to be a "fashionista," but sometimes her style is just way too out there! Check out her diaper bag though. Now, that's trendy!

I'm all for going incognito, but Zhang ZiYi looks mismatched and cheesy in matching vests with her old boyfriend.

Does This Mean I'm Right?

It hasn't been confirmed yet by Jennifer Garner's peeps, but she sure looks pregnant to me. I'm still holding on to my prediction! What do you think? Is that not a bump or what?

Celebrities Working Out

Hilary Duff entering a pilates class.

Hayden Panettiere leaving after working out at gym.

Madonna leaving her pilates or yoga class. She looks wiped out. Doesn't she always look tired to you?

Rebbeca Romijin leaving with new husband Kevin Connelly after a work out.

Eva Mendes in Jane Magazine

It's sad when anything comes to an end, but here is Eva Mendes in the last issue of JANE magazine.

Your Outfit in Jeans

Kate Hudson looking warm and cozy yet summery in this jeans outfit. Love the oversized sweater vest.

Megan Fox leaving an airport in a casual jeans look, but please loose the Ugg boots. Come on, your feet don't get that cold on the plane!

Do you all think Beyonce has the body to wear the skinny jeans trend? I personally think that it only adds pounds to her body.

Hilary Duff looking super cute and chic in skinny jeans with some glittery top. This is the way to wear skinny jeans. Not sure about her new boyfriend though.

Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls glams it up with a vintage T-shirt and peep-toe wedges. What is the deal with her pose?

Dresses Galore!

Looking for a fun dress for a casual date night? Ashlee Simpson looks cute and modest in this striped gray/black dress. A different but classy look I must say for Miss Simpson.

Looking for a fun white and long summer dress to stroll around or just to put over your bikini for the hot summer heat? Britney Spears might have picked the right dress, but the hair and cigarette on hand is kind of a big turn off.

Cindy Crawford looks pretty beat down right here, but she's looking good for a woman at age 41. I'm not sure I like the colors on her dress, and this style is hard to pull off if you have any fat rolls on your body.

Looks like marriage agrees with Mrs. Tony Parker. Eva Longoria looks fresh and dare I say sweet in this smocked waisted blue dress. The shade is a tad off the royal blue, but the style is flattering.

Even this dress is a blast from the 80s, Giselle Bundchen pulls it off well by adding a belt to this outfit. But what's with the frown?