Saturday, August 4, 2007

Elderlys Can Surf?

So 54 years old isn't quite elderly, but Helen Hunt is obviously in great shape!

Fashion in Formal Dresses

Kylie Minogue looks great after all that she's been through.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Paula Abdul actually looks good?

Fashion Disasters

No, that's not Demi Moore - it's her daughter Scout throwing on step-dad's undershirt.

I get it, Juliet Lewis. You don't want to be the same as everybody else, but must you always disturb us by your lack of fashion sense?

I realize Ashley Olsen is dressed like this for her new movie, but still...really?

Fashion in Casual Dresses

Keira Knightley looking about the same in with boyfriend, Rupert Friend.

Not feeling this dress on Vanessa Hudgens. The layered look is a little too bunchy for me.

I normally love jumper dresses, but this dress would have looked so much better if Keira Knightley actually wore a bra!

Fashion Watch: Nicole Richie

Ever since Nicole Richie became super skinny, she became some kind of a fashionista. I'm curious to see how her fashion will change as her burgeoning belly emerges (still don't buy it). The scarf is definitely a good way to pull people away from the fat belly.

Not Aging So Well: Ellen Barkin

Look at the shine on her face. If that's not having work done, I don't know what is!

Need I say more about this picture? I wish celebrities would grow old gracefully without having to be nipped and tucked!

Fashion Watch: Rihanna

Not sure what happened to Rihanna, but I am loving her top. Very cute! As a side note, Rihanna looks good here. Possibly with some extra pounds on her frame?

Weight Watcher: Madonna

I am a huge Madonna fan, but pictures like these scare me. Can anybody really get this buff naturally?

Everybody is jumping on the Angelina Jolie all-black attire look. Black is slimming....

Is That Really Necessary?

Look at her "water bottle." Is that really necessary? I actually saw a guy holding onto this size of a water bottle at the gym and thought, is that really necessary? Fantasia, don't you have people that can get water for you without having to carry such a ginormous bottle around? Are you trying to tell us that you are drinking enough water so that we won't notice the weight gain?

My Fave In Dresses

Kate Mara who kind of looks like Amy Adams would have actually looked cute in this dress if it weren't for that black piece of fabric across her dress.

Angela Kinsey definitely looks like she left The Office and is ready for a party!

My Fave: Love, love that Vanessa Hudgens put a cute collar shirt under this jumper.

Lauren Conrad and her peeps try to hide from the paps.

Parker Posey holding onto the same one handle purse as Hayden Panettiere, but she looks like she could use some zzzzs.

Mary Louise Parker who kind of looks like Parker Posey who kind of looks like Ally Sheedy looks glam in this dress!

Amy Smart looking smart in this dress.

Ashley Tisdale who's beginning to look lik Ashlee Simpson to me especially in this wannabe punk rock outfit.

My Fave In Shorts

Maybe it's the shine or that Ashley Tisdale is the one wearing this pair of shorts, but I just don't like it.

My husband bought the entire season of Heroes this week and I must confess that I am totally hooked on the show. Still not a fan of Hayden Panettiere though and what in the world is she wearing in this picture? The make-up and hair looks like it should be paired with a formal dress instead of what she has on.

My Fave: How do supermodels do it? At age 41, Cindy Crawford looks superb!

I think Beyonce Knowles is not wanting to admit that she gained a few pounds recently because she's squeezed herself into this outfit.

Very "sneakerish" outfit on Kat Luna although the "Farrah Fawcett" hair looks weird on her.

Now, this is what a 17 year old should look like! Good job, Hayden Panettiere!

Fashion Watch: Heidi Klum

I had a friend ask me this week if the "wife-beater tank tops" layered look was still in and I told her that I didn't think so and then I see a picture of Hedi Klum wearing it. Granted, she's a supermodel and looks good in anything, but is this look still in?

Put The Dresses Away...

Megan Fox looks cool and casual in tights leaving the airport.

Looks like something got stuck in Paris Hilton's ballet "crocs" flats.

What is the deal with Jessica Alba and her myriad of scarfs?

Are these still in? Apparently Kim Kardashian thinks so...

My Fave: Love this shirt on Sarah Jessica Parker and the pink accent color on her outfit in the ballet flats.