Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

I never realized how skinny Kate Moss's thighs were.

Has Rachel Ray gained some more weight?

Sandra Bullock is definitely on the lower end of her weight right now.

Even though I'm not a fan of Scarlett Johanssen, I have to give her props for not falling into the Hollywood rextremely thin club.

Angelina Jolie is deteriorating by the day.

Beyonce Knowle's got some curves!

Debra Messing hiding her "healthier" frame under this muu-muu?

After getting caught parking at a handicapped parking spot, Julia Roberts talks it over with Oprah. I kid, I kid. She's showing off a picture of her third kid, a boy.

I'ts probaly the angle, but Keira Knightley looks like death here. Is it my imagination or does she look a little wrinkle free?

Celebrity Runner: Lucy Liu

What in the world is Lucy Liu wearing to go running? She's obviously a jogger because you cannot run very fast with all that layering! My fave running "jacket" is my fleece jacket because it is very light yet very warm.

WWTT? Fashion Post

Is that a tuxedo shirt that Claire Danes is wearing? It would have been way cuter if she put a belt around it instead of looking so shapelss.

One more reason why Chloe Sevigny should not be a celebrity - she can't dress.

Did Heather Graham literally roll out of bed?

Pamela Anderson absolutely refuses to dress her age - she's 40 for goodness' sakes!

Sandra Oh has resorted to dressing like to this to get attention.

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

I know, I know. Paris Hilton on a fashion post? Once in awhile, she does manage to look presentable and this dress above is one of them. Why is she holding Elisha Cuthbert's hand? I thought only women in China did that.

I have always thought that Caucasians wearing Asia's national costume is a bit on the sacreligious and this is no exception.

Two cute dresses on Paris Hilton in one post? Maybe prison did change her.

Three dresses!

She's definitely getting better.

My Fave Coat

Not a fan of the shine hemline on Uma Thurman's jacket. I know she's supposed to be this beautiful woman, but she looks kind of normal to me. I thought they WAY over played her character on The Truth About Cats and Dogs. She's not THAT beautiful. She has the height anad the blonde hair.

That is one ugly jacket on Ashley Olsen.

Ashlee Simpson in the typical peacoat.

Band inspired? coat on Jessica Alba. She seriously needs to smile more.

Plain and normal? Kimberly Stewart.

My Fave: Sarah Michelle Gellar's, I mean Prinze (she changed it as a gift to give to Freddie Prinze, Jr. on their fifth wedding anniversary) coat is super cute in the back. It gives it some shape as well.