Friday, June 15, 2007

Fashion Disaster

I don't know what it is about Britney Spears, but her fashion sense has been so off lately. Does anyone know if she has a stylist? Somebody, please help her. She's losing it. I really feel for her. She's very lost right now. I wish somebody would intervene on her behalf.

What is Fashion?

I don't remember when fashion became important to me, but since it has, I have discovered that I am obsessed with being the first to know what is the newest trend. It has become sort of a game with me - going to shopping malls to pair clothes together. The trends, of course, come from watching what celebrities are wearing. Some celebrities fashion sense is better than others, but for the most part, they seem to have it right. I mean, don't they have a stylist?
I have named my blog "Movie Star Fashion" because 1) celebrity fashion was already taken and 2) I believe that some celebrities just ooze that movie star "aura" that is so missing today. A-hem...all you young starlets out there, I mean you.

For my first post, I will talk about the "it" thing for the summer. You have to go out and get a short dress because that is all the rage right now. Nicole Richie, Megan Fox, and Cameron Diaz are all sporting a short dress but with a different flair. I like Cameron's dress a lot, but you have to be tall and thin to pull that off. If you are going to buy a dress like this, make sure that it hits above the knee. It is the most flattering this way.