Monday, July 23, 2007

New Beach Cover-Ups!

I'm kidding....I can't believe anybody would sell a pet to Paris Hilton. Here she is using her pups to cover her up.

Tara Reid using a potato sack to cover-up her botched stomach. She's keeping her weight off, though.

Fashion Watch: Nicolette Sheridan

Who's your favorite Desperate Housewive? I have to confess that I have never watched this show because none of the actresses on the show are endearing. However, I do think Nicolette has the best body on the show. She's thin but not skeletal.

Pregnant Milla Jovovich

It must be hard to be pregnant and famous because every pound you gain is photographed. Milla Jovovich looks like she's gained a lot of weight so far. Old wive's tale says that if you gain weight all over your body like Milla, then you are probably having a girl. If you gain only in the belly, then you are having a boy. It is true for me because I gained weight all over with both of my pregnancies, and I had two girls!

Fashion Watch: Kiera Knightley

I don't know what I think about Keira Knightley's dress. In some way, the style is flattering, but the print on the bottom is just a little "off." Maybe the flowers are too big? And the hat? Not feeling it. I guess I'm surprised she's still dating Rupert Friend.

Fashion Dresses

Again, this is what Victoria Beckham wore to watch her famous husband, David play "football."

I am not a huge fan of Robin Tunney (she was especially annoying in season one of Prison Break), but I like this dress on her and would actually wear it if I were also attending a friend's baby shower (Naomi Watts).

I'm all for loose-fitting dresses for the summer, but this get-up that Denise Richards has on looks more appropriate for a costume party instead. Poor thing hasn't gotten the public to like her again after she back-stabbed her friend Heather Locklear.

Jenny McCarthy looks sleek and slim in this black dress. I'm telling you, dating Jim Carrey has done her a world of wonders! He, on the other hand is in dire need of a good haircut!

Kate Hudson is wearing my favorite style of the short summer dress right now because it flatters most body types. She's also attending Naomi Watts' baby shower.

Natalie Portman seems like a down to earth kind of gal, but this dress she chose to stroll around Central park does not flatter her slim frame. Maybe it's the color that I'm not so fond of, but either way, this dress looks like a nightgown to me.

Paris Hilton wearing a classic style dress but updated with the skulls pattern. Is that still in?

Fashion Watch: Debra Messing

I've been disappointed in Debra Messing's fashion choices latel. This outfit is more fitting for a woman in her 50s because it hides almost everything. Debra is 38 years old and has many more years to go before she starts wearing loose-fitting outfits. Show us your curves, Debra!

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

What do you all think about Britney Spears? Are you sick of her partying ways yet? Do you think she will be able to make a comeback? Looks like she's got her body back, but her fashion style still needs some work.

Wide-Legged Look is So In!

Heidi Klum taking a short break at a spa. Love the red wedge heels.

Not feeling Jennifer Lopez's top. Reminds me of some peasant top I had several years ago. She looks like she's gained several pounds.

I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan by any means, but I do like how she dressed up the wide-legged look with a frilly top and tucked in!

Red Carpet Soccer Style

Everybody is having the "Beckham Fever" because they are coming out to watch him play. Is that a red carpet on the floor to a soccer, I mean football game as they say it over there?

Lindsay Lohan Fashion

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's recent fashion choices? Ripped out jeans are so 90s!