Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fashion Watch: Mary-Kate Olsen

Is that teeth I see peeping through Mary-Kate Olsen's mouth? Don't you think she looks prettier with a smile rather than the pouty scowl? She's here promoting Weeds. She will be guest starring on the show for several episodes in its new season. Love the color blue dress but hate the style. It's just another potato sack disguised as a dress.

Weight Watcher: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Here is Jennifer Love-Hewitt on the set of Ghost Whisperer. I am not a big fan of hers, but I feel bad that her weight gain since her Party of Five days have gotten so much criticism lately. I say if the girl is happy with the way she is, then leave her alone. After all, Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters died at the age of 32 of anorexia after someone wrote about her being fat in a magazine.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

This brown dress on Hayden Panettiere looks very similar to the black one that Sophia Monk wore recently. I like the cut and style. Perfect for strolling around or shopping!

Weight Watcher: Star Jones

Can you believe this is what Star Jones looks like today? Did you watch her on The View before all this weight loss? 150 pounds is a lot to lose and it totally changes her look. I wonder if she's nicer being thin?

Guess What's Different: Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is looking super cute in this trendy blue color dress with some brown underneath. Her bangs make her look younger, too. What's different? Supposedly, she had a nose job. Can you tell?

Anybody Know Who's With Maggie Q?

Here is Maggie Q sitting next to somebody that I look vaguely familiar to me, but I can't picture him. Anybody know who he is? I thought she was dating some Korean guy. By the way, she's half Vietnamese half Caucasian. Do you think she looks more Asian or White?

When The Bag Is Bigger: Kristin Kreuk

I have no idea what is the bag that Kristin Kreuk is carrying, but she must be super petite to have the bag almost cover up your entire body. I just finished watching all five seasons of Smallville and I'm totally hooked. I need to get season six and seven soon. Kristin is half-Chinese half-Caucasian.

Fashion Watch: Rosario Dawson

Does Rosario Dawson realize that it's mid-July when she walks out the door in this outfit? Oh yeah, she must have some clue that it's hot out because she cut her arm hole a little bigger and make sure to cover up her feet just with some ugly white boots just in case she gets a draft. You know what they say about drafts - cover up your feet and you are sure to be at least 50% warmer (actually, I just made that up).

Weight Loser: Courtney Love

If Courtney Love doesn't watch it, she will soon become a walking skeleton. I wonder how this weight loss affects her daughter.

Fashion Watch: Tori Spelling

I've been seeing this green on a lot of celebrities lately and wondering if this color will be the new "it" color. I personally like it.

This dress does Tori no justice because you can't see the 20 or so pounds she's lost on NutriSystem. She said in a recent interview that losing the baby weight has been harder than she thought, so she decided to go on the NutriSystem diet and is now the spokeperson for it. Can we say "freebies?"

My Favorite Karate-Kickin' Actress: Michelle Yeoh

I like Michelle Yeoh because she actually knows real karate or kung-fu (still don't know the difference but I know there is one). I was thrilled when she was cast as a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies, but I kept wanting her to cut her hair or do SOMETHING with it in the movie. It was way too long and was always covering up her face. Michelle is 45 years old and at some point, you just have to lose the long, straight hair look. Other than that, I think she's a great actress! Glad she's getting the recognition she deserves.

Fashion Watch: Fergie

Would somebody please tell Fergie that wearing that outfit on a date with Josh Duhamel is a no-no? The vest thing is soooo yesterday.

Fashion Watch: Debra Messing

I'm not exactly sure what Debra Messing is doing in this picture, but I'm not feeling her lbj and especially not her headpiece. Still heart her though.

Weight Watcher: Debbie Gibson

I know Debbie Gibson wants to be addressed as Deborah now that she's older, but she'll always be Debbie to me. I loved "Lost in Your Eyes." She rocked during my high school years. She looks a lot thinner in this picture compared to ones taken just recently. I love her lbj also.

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

I'm not a huge of fan of Jessica Alba's, but I usually like her fashion choices. This dress looks like something I would put on if I were to meet my future in-laws. Love her flats though!

Bring On the 80s: Victoria Beckham

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham looks like she's ready to go to an 80s party in this outfit than attend her one of her boys soccer games. She looks so plastic to me.

Rexi Alert: Ali Sheedy

Ali Sheedy looks absolutely emaciated in this picture! What do you think?

Fashion Watch: Sophia Monk

This is another one of my favorite styles this summer. Sophia Monk (dating Benji Madden) looks cool and casual in this "little black dress." Is she carrying a bag from Forever 21? I love this store! On a side note, Gwen Stefani is suing them for ripping off from her clothesline.

Fashion Watch: Molly Sims

Molly Sims is a pretty woman, but this dress is completely wrong for her. It looks too low in the front and makes her chest sag. Not many people can wear this light orange color because it tends to wash one out and Ms. Sims is no exception.

Fashion Watch: Minka Kelly

I confess I didn't know who Minka Kelly was at first, but I really like the dress she's wearing. It's similar to Ashlee Simpson's dress that I did in a previous post. She plays the head cheerleader Lyla Garrity in the NBC series Friday Night Lights. I'm not feeling the color though. If it was in royal blue color, then it would be perfect. She's also already caught on to the "Hollywood pose."

Fashion Watch: Maria Menounos

I love this trendy color blue in almost any piece of clothing, but I am not feeling the CD like circles around the dress. I remember reading about Maria Menounos once in a magazine about her weight loss. She said that she gained 20 pounds in college because she was studying all the time and would just eat junk food. She decided that she would rather be thin instead and went on a diet. Looks like she's been able to keep it off!

Why I Heart Heidi Klum

Here is the supermodel Heidi Klum is a T-shirt and the trendy wide-legged jeans with her son with husband Seal looking absolutely stunning without make-up. Now that's what I call a supermodel!

Are Skinny Jeans Still In?

Here is Kirsten Dunst leaving Mr. Chow in very skinny jeans. What do you think? Are they still in?

Jessica Simpson in Harper's Bazaar

I have to admit that since Jessica Simpson broke up with John Mayer, she has been looking good lately. I know she's on a magazine cover here and it is probably photoshopped, but she looks better than she has in recent months.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

Okay, so you really can't see her dress that clearly, but it looks kind of cute sans the hat. Her shoes look a little chunky to me. Maybe have some strappy heels, the dress would look more flattering. I'm just glad she's covered up for the most part.

Weight Watcher: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has said in the past that she'll never be stick thin, but she's sure not far in this picture. Vertical stripes usually makes one look wider, but it still makes Ms. Bullock look super thin. I wonder why she's losing so much weight. Do you think she's too thin or just right?

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

What is that thing around her ankle? Lindsay Lohan doesn't have the legs to pull these short shorts off. It kind of makes her look bigger than she really is.

Once again, the scarf look. I guess it's growing on me. It definitely helps Lindsay in this outfit. Is her hair dyed blonde?

Who Are Your Favorite Celebrity Sisters?

Tennis super stars Venus and Serena Williams

Sienna and Savannah Miller

Lindsay and Ali Lohan

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen

Patricia and Rosanna Arquette

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

Paris and Nikki Hilton

Jodie and Jemma Kidd

Joely Richardson (on Nip/Tuck) and Vanessa Redgrave (mother)

Natasha Richardson (Joely's sister)

Kylie and Danii Minogue

Jamie-Lyn and Britney Spears

The Corrs Sisters

Monica and Penelope Cruz

Haylie and Hilary Duff

Mischa and Hania Barton

This is a fun post for me because I didn't realize there were so many celebrity sisters. Some are more famous than others, of course. I don't know if I have a favorite, but news about the Simpson sisters are always on the more interesting side. Prettiest sisters? Probably the Corrs sisters. Most athletic? Williams sisters. Most seen together? Duff sisters. Richest sisters? Olsens. Most fashionable? Lohans. Classiest? Minogue sisters.

The Most Beautiful Woman: Angelina Jolie

I have to admit that I didn't think Angelina Jolie was that beautiful when she first became popular (during the weird Billy Bob Thornton days), but since dating Brad Pitt, her beauty somehow started to shine. Maybe Brad Pritt is the culprit? Whatever the case may be, Ms. Jolie's beauty is so unique. Here she is in the new St. John ad. What do you all think? Most beautiful or just husband stealer?

Fashion Watch: Ali Larter

For all you Heroes fan, here is Ali Larter looking super fit and cute in this shorts/shirt outfit. I think this look is best on people with a lean and long frame, but you can probably pull it off even if you are short but slender. I would have added a long gold chain necklace to give the look the "omph" factor.