Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Jewel picture in a yellow dress looks to have gained some weight here. I love her music.

While sister Nikki joins the rank of the rextremely thin, Paris Hilton is enjoying life so much outside of prison that she's gaining weight but forgets to spend more money on a better wig.

Kevin Federline's other less famous ex- Shar Jackson is losing weight faster than his second ex-Britney Spears.

Sara Ramirez is obviously comfortable with her plus size based on how she's dressed here. Short dress with rockin' boots.

Bryce Dallas Howard is another celebrity mom who is choosing to lose her pregnancy weight slowly.

Gemma Ward, a supermodel looks like one of us on the runway. What do you think of models being average weight instead of rextremely thin? Should they be thinner than the average person? I personally think that they should represent the mainstream so that the clothes that people buy will look like it was worn by a real person. Sometimes, when a super thin model wears something that looks awesome, you are keen to think that it would look the same on you.

I'm confused with Ivanka Trump's weight lately. One minute she's really thin and the next she's back to her normal healthy weight like she is here.

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her thinner figure in a beautiful purple dress.

As with all weight loss, one is bound to gain it back and then some. Kelly Osbourne must be done with her musical because all the weight that she lost is already back.

Renee Zellweger Gains Weight

These photos are from her new movie filmed about a year ago. I don't understand why Renee Zelleweger isn't happy with this weight. She obviously didn't like it because we saw her leaving the gym looking rextremely thin a month ago.

I'm willing to bet that her metabolism is completely shot and that she'll probably have a hard time conceiving.

I'm not a Renee Zellweger fan because I can't stand her little smout (smile+pout).

Check out the double chin!

Rextremely Thin Watch: Maggie Q

Now I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this, but Asians are not naturally thin. Some of them have to work at it as I'm sure Maggie Q did. She was 30 pounds heavier when she was only making Chinese movies. As you remember, she's half-Vietnamese half Caucasian.

All I see are her bones portruding out and a very flat chest. Poor thing probably doesn't have any fat in her body anymore.

Please eat something.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

I have no earthly idea what kind of sweater Britney Spears is wearing, but she looks like a hot mess. Are those the same boots again? Britney loves her boots as much as Lindsay Lohan loves her tights.

Can't fully see what Britney is wearing, but she does thankfully have on pants.

Another post with Britney in pants? Shocker! I hope that's fake fur she's holding. Cute hat, but those shoes again!

Fashion Watch: Pink

Pink has lambasted a lot of her Blonde counterparts in Hollywood because she was supposed to be this atypical person. Here she is looking like she could be any of the "Stupid Girls." What is the draw with the knit hat?

Her weight fluctuates a lot, too but she seems to have settled on this weight.

Kate Bosworth Re-wears Clothes and Rextremely Thin Again?

We saw her in this cute outfit this summer out and about with boyfriend. Here she is again with the same outfit. I do love the skirt though, but it is hard to wear if you are not thin like her.

Checking to see if there are bones portruding out? She's looking a lot thinner these days.

What happened to her healthier weight? Most people who struggle with an eating disorder hate the word "healthy," so I'm sure she realized that she was no longer rextremely thin when people started writing that about her.

Maternity Fashion: Halle Berry

Halle Berry is growing into her own maternity fashion. I'm surprised that she hasn't gained even more weight at this point. She's a little over four months pregnant now. Love the sweater.

However, as happy as she is about being pregnant, she's tired of people asking about her pregnancy. She wants people to focus on her new movie. Great way to add color to a boring outfit with the scarf.