Friday, October 26, 2007

Britney Spears Shows Off Fab? Body?

Not many people can pull off an outfit like this, but I dare say Ms. Britney Spears looks quite good here.

This, however is atrociouis. The white dress only accentuates her wide waist, her hair is a total mess, and those boots still haven't made its way to the trash can!

My Fave LBD

My Fave: I love the two tone look on Leanne Rhimes. Maybe she's getting prettier with old age, but I remember thinking it's a good thing she can sing.

Monica Bellucci - a beautiful woman is "curvy" without being fat or rextremely thin.

Suck that in, Mariah Carey.

Meryl Streep defies age and weight with a loose shirt dress.

Sienna Miller takes the T-shirt dress to the femine side by adding a little rouge at the end.

The quirky, funny, and cute Amanda Bynes wearing the dress that a lot young Hollywood starlets favor.

Brooke Shields still looking fabulous in her 40s.

Not everybody looks great with bangs, Carmen Electra.

Look who's joined the ranks of the rextremely thin club - Gwen Stefani's bones are protruding out everywhere!

All laced up with no where to go? Kyra Sedgwick looks like a dressed-up tablecloth if you ask me.