Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal the Next Brangelina?

Remember the famous pose when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stood exactly like this and said that there was NOTHING going on? Well, take a look at Reese and Jake and tell me if love is NOT in the air...

She looks healthier in these pictures weight wise - it's works for her. Some people will probably say she's gaining weight, but she looked unnatural being too thin.

Hilary Duff Does Teens The Right Way

Hilary Duff looks like she's enjoying her teenaged life. Doesn't it look like she's got a spring in her feet?

Even though I'm all for happy in love syndrome, it is a love that will eventually fade.

Hilary Duff shows all the rextremely thin Hollywood starlets that she doesn't have to be a size negative 2 to look smashing hot.

I'm feeling this two tone dress on her as well. I really hope that she will get more great acting parts besides the teeny boppy movies even though I love watching it as well.

Faashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

I wonder how many long T-shirts Hayden Panetierre actually owns because she wears them all the time.

For once, she's wearing a dress that is suitable for her 18 years of age, but I wonder if she showed more than her legs when she got up on the stage to receive her award.

Those shorts look uncomfortably tight.

Fashion Watch: Katie Holmes

Long sweaters were in last year, but it's definitely carried over to this year. I think that if Katie Holmes' tights were shorter, it would be cuter. The pulled over heel look is too funky for my taste.

Katie Holmes is almost always photographed with Suri. I wonder if she's got a temper.

Don't celebrities know that when they wear see-through clothing that the lights from paparazzi cameras will reveal everything?

Poor Tom Cruise - he is sooooo short. Rumor has it that Katie Holmes is training for the New York marathon. I would love to live in America and train for it. Runners really do get a "high."

Fashion Watch: Olsen Twins

Except for the ratty hair, Mary-Kate actually looks cute here. Finally, not a burlap sack!

Poor Mary-Kate. She's really too short to pull off a dress that hits the floor - literally.

Mary-Kate sporting some funky shoes.

Is Ashley wearing the same pair of boots?

What kind of purse is Ashley holding? Cute wide-legged trousers though.

The secret to their small frame? Lots and lots of Starbucks coffee.

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

Cardigans are making a definite comeback. Katherine Heigl wore one similar to this one except it was khaki. I feel like cardigans remind me of Mr. Rogers, but if you pair it with some cute boots, you'll be stylin'.

I used to think that Cameron Diaz was really pretty, but after watching The Holiday, I not only find her unattractive but lacking in acting skills.

I guess she's got the long legs and blonde hair going for her, but this potato sack masquerading as a dress is a joke.

Britney Spears Diet Isn't Working

Britney Spears is supposed to be on some diet to lose the weight that was exposed at the VMAs, but she looks about the same...

Well, she may look like she's actually gained some weight.

However, she still doesn't have her natural hair or any fashion sense.

Trend Alert: Black Skirt and White Top

Last week, Kristen Bell and Kate Hudson wore a similar outfit. I must admit that Kristin Davis looks a lot better ever since she started filming Sex and the City. She's definitely lost some weight. Love that she added a splash of red on her heels.

Dita von Teese adds length to the black skirt and a little ruffle.

Jessica Alba actually looks classy here.

Rextremely Thin Watch: Thandie Newton

She seriously looks like she just stepped out of concentration camp all dolled up.

She's a little better here. Maybe it's because she's in China and eating all that Beijing duck?

No, not even all the crunchy yet yummy duck skin can put on fat on Thandie Newton.