Friday, August 24, 2007

Will You Watch Kate Walsh's Private Practice?

I doubt I will watch Kate Walsh in her new spinoff show, Private Practice. I watched five minutes of Grey's Anatomy once and I was so turned off by all the inter-sleeping with one another. I wish there was a show out there that was wholesome, fun, well-made, with a great cast that I can watch with my little girls without wincing every minute for all the immoral, cussing, and explicity sexy clothes worn by the female actresses.

Charlize Theron's Purse

I have been searching for a black purse for awhile. I am loving Charlize Theron's purse. I think I can find it here in China - the world's largest copycat for "very cheap!"

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise is so cute. I love that Katie Holmes always dresses her in really expensive clothes.

My Fave In Jeans

Pretty tame for Jessica Alba. A cardigan always reminds me of the 80s.

Those are some thighs on Jennifer Garner.

Cameron Diaz rocking the skinny jeans as always.

Yet another skinny mom in Hollywood. Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe.

My Fave: Love this jacket on Ivanka Trump.

I guess Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are back together? She is looking rather thin in this picture. Look at her arms!

Fashion Disasters

This is why no one should buy Paris Hilton's new clothing line. Look at what she's wearing.

Rihanna "who can't dance" takes us back to elementary school with this two shades of black dress.

Hate to say it, but even Sienna Miller dresses better than Sadie Frost. Maybe that's why Jude chose Sienna over her? I kid, I kid!

Rumor has it that Venus Williams also wants to put out a clothing line. Why would anybody body her clothes? Look at what she's wearing. HORRENDOUS!

Hayden Panetierre Expresses Her Adulthoold

Why are young girls trying so hard to grow up so fast? What do you all think of her UK FHM photoshoot?

Ben Affleck's Jennifers

Ben Affleck's current Jennifer Garner. She looks slimmer in this picture. I guess I was wrong about her pregnancy.

Ben Affleck's past Jennifer Lopez. She's a fashion icon. Love her wide-legged trousers and veset. Somehow, when she wears the vest, I don't think of Kate Moss.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Here is Nicole Richie's mugshot for her 82 minutes in jail. I wonder how Paris feels about all this. She got jipped!

I must say that pregnancy agrees with Nicole. She positively glows!

She definitely favors tight maternity clothing.

Guess What's Different?

Is it me or is there something different with Sharon Stone?