Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nikki Hilton Can Deny She's Anorexic...

...but until she actually has some meat on her rexi skinny body, her words are meaningless.

Halle Berry's Baby Girl's Name

Halle Berry named her baby girl Nahla Ariela Aubry. She delivered her naturally and Nahla weighed 7 lbs and 4 ozs. I'm surprised she didn't hyphenate her baby's name.

Paris Hilton Continues the Charade with Benji Madden

I don't know if it is charades, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she and Benji Madden are not going to last.

Vanessa Minnillo Has a Job?!?

Here is Vanessa Minillo hosting some beach thing. Well, I guess it is a job. I hate her outfit.

I love this outfit.

Miranda Kerr's Dimples

Not only does Miranda Kerr bring a breath of fresh air in the modeling world, she's got the cutest dimples! Love the shoes.

And she's very flexible.

Random Celebrity Fashion

Contrary to all the rumors of Katie Holmes designing clothes, her rep has denied that it will be happening. I like her style and think that she will fare much better than Victoria Beckham.

Kate Walsh looks flawless in this very hard to wear dress.

Michelle Williams out with two year old daughter Matilda Rose who looks a lot like her deceased father, Heath Ledger.

I don't get the appeal of Alyson Hannigan. She was so annoying in all the American Pie movies.

Giselle Bundchen looks really skinny in this form fitting suit.

Gwyneth Paltrow finally steps on the red carpet. I miss her movies.

Hilary Duff wears very little in March. Is it warm enough yet to wear a tube top?

Jenny Garth should not be promoting Crocs. My friend's daughter's toe got cut off in an escalator recently because of these things. Not to mention they are a fashion disaster!

Gossip Girls Outlandish Fashion

Obviously, Leighton Meester is in between takes with the olive color sweat pants under her ridiculous tutu. Still, it's a crazy outfit.

Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford (I couldn't tell at first if this was Penn Badgley) filming their show. She's probably the healthiest looking one in the group.

Does not this outfit scream "I'm so cool I don't match?"" Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen.

Leighton Meester looks cute and normal here, but kind of New York-ish.

Seriously, do high school girls really dress like Leighton Meester and Blake Lively on Gossip Girl?

I'm assuming this is Taylor Momsen, too. Love the purple purse though.

I hope Taylor Momsen is going to prom in this dress. Otherwise, she is way over dressed for a school day!

Pick Your Fave White Dress on Danity Kane

I do not know the names of the ladies of Danity Kane, but if you are looking for a white dress, here's your pick!

Ashley Tisdale Copying Ashlee Simpson?!?!

Remember when Ashlee Simpson got a nose job? Ashley Tisdale did, too.

Remember when everybody said Ashlee Simpson was copying everybody else? Now everybody is saying Ashley Tisdale is copying Ashlee Simpson. Whew! That was a mouthful! This is one pair of gladiator sandals that I do not love!

Reese Witherspoon Out in Public With Jake Gyllenhaal

Cute, classy, and trendy Reese Witherspoon with Jake Gyllenhaal (not pictured here).

I think Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal look really cute together. I love how they seem to do "normal" things.

Reese Witherspoon has always been a pretty down to earth kind of girl, so I'm not surprised that their lives are surrounded by "mundane" things.

Natalie Portman on Movie Set

I love how Natalie Portman loves to be photographed.

Cute plaid pink scarf.

I have no idea what role Natalie Portman is dressed for here or what movie she's in.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

I don't know if people are still interested in Calista Flockhart, but since she's the original "rexi-skinny" girl, here she is looking healthy and very mom-ish.

I realize Giselle Bundchen is a supermodel, but she's got some rexi skinny thighs.

Kelly Clarkson looks about the same weight wise. I hope her third album is good.

Kelly Osbourne looks washed out and clowned out here.

Obviously, Naomi Watts is back to her pre-pregnancy body.

Celebrity Maternity Fashion

Minnie Driver goes matchy-matchy for her maternity wear. Kind of tacky, but she looks small for being five months pregnant.

Nicole Kidman must be the slowest growing belly bump. Cute dress. I don't get the barefeet look. Aren't there germs everywhere?

Jessica Alba Pregnant and Grumpy

I don't actually know if Jessica Alba is grumpy or not, but if a picture is worth a thousand words...

These sweats are obviously not maternity sweats because Jessica Alba's thighs look like they are about to bust through!

For a split second, Jessica Alba's bump is gone. Just a split second. Still grumpy.

Jennifer Aniston Happy in the Sun

If anybody's wondering what Jennifer Aniston's been up to, she's busy being happy with her life.

She'll always be Rachel from Friends, but that is not a bad thing to be known for.

Jennifer Aniston is looking thinner and happier? these days. I love the two shorts look. Reminds me of my high school volleyball days.

I wish she would choose good movie roles to make. I so want her to succeed.

Doesn't she look like she's gotten skinnier lately? cute beach bag.

Oh, yeah. Jennifer Aniston showing off her bikini body.

Angelina Jolie's Maternity Dresses

Angelina Jolie definitely favors the long and flowy maternity dresses. She's been photographed in a plethera of them lately. I still don't get how she can look rexi skinny being six months pregnant. Her arms are still so sickeningly thin.

I love the junk food toting kids look.

Keri Russell is Skinny

I don't think Keri Russell is rexi skinny anymore. She may be one of those girls that are just naturally thin.

But take into the account that she is a celebrity. Keri Russell's stroller is ginormous!