Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

If you look at Lily Allen today, she's even skinnier than the picture on the right. She said that she uses hypnosis to help her lose weight. I didnt' realize that she was that heavy before.

Nikki Hilton has been slimming down a lot. She looks thinner than her sister Paris here. Wonder how Paris feels about that.

Melanie Brown must be on the Victoria Beckham diet because she looks quite a lot thinner. But, what is the deal with the leg warmers?

Here's Anne Hathaway on her latest movie set. She looks horrible. It's either the dress or bad posture. Either way, she's also on the lower end of her weight.

Emma Roberts is trying so hard to look older in this dress. It's good to see that she's not succumbing to the Hollywood rextremely thin look...yet.

Ashanti's Master cleansing fast must still be working because she's gotten even thinner. Why do celebrities go on cleansing fasts or detox to lose weight? Just east sensibly, exercise, and have portion control.

Rextremely thin Courtney Love - who is looking more and more like a cross between Madonna and Kate Moss but uglier.

Janet Jackson's outfit cracks me up, but she must be pretty thin now because an outfit this covered up usually makes one look bigger but she still manages to look pretty slim.

Kelly Clarkson has definitely gained some weight.

Bowl cut alert! What happened to the Kelly Osbourne's weight loss?

Hilary Duff Movie Set Fashion

I have no idea what movie she's in here, but I will probably watch it.

Hilary Duff channelling Sarah Jessica Parker and Diana Spencer aka Princess Diana.

Fashion Watch: Reese Witherspoon

I love how she is so casual and yet still looks so good.

That's about how many bags of groceries I can carry as well.

Love that she's not rextremely thin anymore.

Fashion Watch: Rihanna

The double layer of wife-beater tank tops were so in last summer, but I guess Rihanna doesn't know that.

I love her hair in this picture. For some reason, she actually looks 19 here.

It seems that she may have gained a few pounds here, but she still looks great!

Now, the hair over the eyes and face's gotta go!

Maternity Fashion: Halle Berry

Halle Berry is wearing pregnnacy well - classy yet trendy.

She doesn't appear to be gaining a ton of weight. She's about 4+ months along.

I miss her short hair.

My Fave Casual Dress

Mischa Barton wearing an ugly dress to walk her dog. She looks to have gained a few pounds.

I totally hate the dress but love the scarf look on Mischa Barton.

Haven't seen Neve Campbell in awhile. She looks about the same...maybe a little heavier than in the past. Hate the dress.

Oh Paris Hilton. You are a drama queen with holes in your dress.

My Fave: I absolutely adore this dress on Ciara. Cute shoes to go with it. Mixing purple with fuschia is a great way to liven up an outfit.

Mrs. Donald Trump #3 with her son. Her dress is very cute as well, but I'll never understand what she sees in the old man.

Britney Spears Lounges

Britney Spears is back to the short dresses and ugly boots.

I really am beginning to think that Britney Spears needs medical intervention. Her behavior is so erratic.

I hope she gets help soon before she becomes another statistic. The kind like Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe.

Rextremely Thin Watch: Angelina Jolie

Some magazines are reporting that Angelina Jolie has gained ten pounds and possibly pregnant. I say nay to both. Look at her and you'll agree.

Um...yeah, I only see twigs.

Zahara - already flipping the birdie. I wonder who taught her that! I bet it was Maddox!

Rachel McAdams Gets Married?

Rachel McAdams does get married, but not in real life. She makes a really pretty bride. I see the trend for wedding gowns is still strapless. It's been since 2000.

I love how celebrities wear Uggs (even though they are so out of style) on movie sets to stay comfortable. Why not flip-flops? Ballet shoes? Why Uggs?

Glad to see that Rachel McAdams is not in the rextremely thin club.

Maternity Fashion? Jennifer Lopez

Don't you think there is something about Jennifer Lopez that is fascinating? It's like you can't help but be drawn to her.

This dress is very similar to her green one. Great dress for non-pregnant ladies as well.

Anybody need a diva chauffeur? JLo looks like one. I wonder if she'll keep wearing those heels after her she confirms her pregnancy.

I absolutely adore this Grecian inspired dress on Jennifer Lopez. She still hasn't offically announced per pregnancy and even David Letterman didn't ask her about it.

She looks like a Latina "Waldo" to me in this outfit.

I love how creative celebrities get with hiding their pregnancy.

I think she's not confirming her pregnancy because her album is coming out and she needs/wants all the free publicity she can get.

If she is pregnant, she is one chic mama-to-be. Check out her skinny leather pants!

Magazine Covers

Vanessa Paradis should always pose this way without her teeth showing because her huge gap changes her whole look.

I love how magazine gives you five million ways to lose weight, but the bottom line to me is: eat less, burn more and you WILL lose weight. Simple math.

I can't stand Keira Knightley. Some people have a face that automatically endears you to them, but Keira has a face that makes you want to loathe her.

Great to see that Kylie Minogue is content with her "new" body.

Monica Bellucci is one beautiful woman, but what is the deal with this pose? Jennifer Aniston and her ex-British boyfriend had the same same pose.

No idea who Sophia Dahl is, but she reminds me of a cross between Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron.