Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amy Winehouse Rextremely Thin and Gross

There's a reason why she was voted by Maxim as the second most unsexy woman in the world.

The hair, the bones, the teeth. Um yeah.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: I don't know why, but I really like this dress on Eva Mendes. The black and white straps add a bit of spice to an otherwise boring white dress. I guess all the rumors of pregnancy can be laid to rest?

Am I the only one that thinks Kate Mara looks like Isla Fischer? Cute color. Nude shoes are totally a trend to look into now. Her legs look a little longer because it blends in with her skin color.

Maria Menounos reminds me a tad bit of Vanessa Minnillo except she looks a little sweeter. Can you believe she gained the "Freshman 15" in college?

I have not liked any dress that Natalie Portman's been wearing to her premieres lately. She looks like she's wrapped in a towel here.

Is Eva Pigford a model now or a prostitute?

Wrap dresses are very flattering on most body types as seen here in Beyonce Knowles.

I love this dress on Becki Newton on her Ugly set although it might be a bit short to wear by itself.
Her facial expression is priceless!

Emmy Rossum definitely loves prom-like dresses.

Although this dress wouldn't be considered prom-like, it could probably be worn as a maternity dress. Emmy Rossum has too much make-up on here as well.

Jessica Collins wears animal print the right way.

Fashion Watch: Kate Moss

I'm glad that Kate Moss' cocaine scandal didn't stop her from continuing her modeling work, but I hope that she's clean now. Love her shoes, but she should either wear this shirt/dress with tights or jeans.

Is Kate Moss wearing these shoes as often as Britney Spears boots?

Sporting bangs, Kate Moss looks half way drunk.

Fashion Watch: Uma Thurman

I don't remember ever thinking that Uma Thurman was a fashionista of some sort, but it is good to see her casual and ecclectic in this ensemble. Something I would imagine Kate Moss wearing.

This is how I'm used to seeing Uma - in lavish gowns. I don't find Ms. Thurman especially beautiful, but she does have the height and blonde hair. Two things that make a woman stand out...I guess.

Love the splash of color in her scarf.

I was sad when she divorced Ethan Hawke. Lovely children, but she looks too much like a mom here and not a Hollywood celebrity.

The "What Were You Thinking Fashion?"

Claire Danes looks good in the Posh inspired haircut, but the white tie-dye on the collar and hem of her dress is absolutely atrocious.

Jaslene Gonzales thinks that just because she's a model now she can set trends as ugly as this corset inspired high-waisted jeans. Kate Moss you are not.

While the dress isn't ugly per se, it's Michelle Trachtenberg wearing it that begs us to ask WWYT?

I guess you could say that Shannyn Sossamon has a beauty that is rather unique (like Angelina Jolie's), but she shouldn't display it like she's the bride of Frankenstein.

Katie Holmes is a Christmas Ornament

She might as well be wearing this sparkly gold dress. What happened to her hair? It was cute when she first got it cut, but now she looks like she's got the "mom" haircut.

Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

I really like Victoria Beckham's scarf here. The length and color is perfect for the fall.

She wears this corsage WIDE belt a lot with her outfits. Maybe she thinks everything else makes her look too fat.

I have no idea what she's wearing here for her guest role on Ugly Betty, but the wrinkly, scrunched look is classless. Maybe it's appropriate?

This is the bridesmaid dress for Ugly Betty's Willeima Slater's (Vanessa williams) wedding. Kinda boring if you ask me.

I think I have this Member's Only inspired jacket at my mom's house in the garage. Boot cut jeans definitely make her look even thinner.

My Fave In Jeans

If I didn't know any better, I would think that Jennifer Garner is trying to hide something with that ginormous scarf. Glad to see that she's picking up on the scarf trend, but it's a little over the top. I went shopping with my dear husband last week to celebrate my birthday and I bought several scarfs. He asked me if they were "in." Today, we were at church and he saw several people wearing them and later told me that I was right.

I'm thinking that Rachel McAdams got cold on the movie set on pull these jeans under her cute albeit a little wrinkly dress.

My Fave: I love the fall look here on Demi Moore. The long sweater with the long-sleeved shirt is ver in right now. The purse and short boots is the perfect way to accessorize.

I find Sandra Bernhard's outfit quite fetching really, but the roll up jeans over the flat is a little tacky. Her daughter's dress is very cute.

Beyonce and her turban frolics out and about. I feel bad for her that Rihanna is stealing her thunder. By overall talent, I think Beyonce's still got it but her likability is a lot lower than Rihanna.

Very cute and age appropriat, 14 year old Miley Cyrus.

Oh, Anne Hathaway, even if you've gained some weight there's no excuse for carrying around such a ginormous purse. Ridiculous!

Just another normal family out on a stroll - Ben and Jennifer Garner with daughter Violet. Check out the two jogging strollers being used as regular strollers behind them. I totally think it's ridiculous that people buy jogging strollers to use as regular strollers because they take up so much space.

I love Jessica Simpson cropped jacket look here, but why is she holding her dog like it's going to go use the bathroom?

Doesn't Kirsten Dunst know that to stay warm, she needs to cover up her feet? She's all bundled up on top, but she's wearing flip-flops on the bottom.

Glad to see Mandy Moore again, but her granny sweater has got to go!

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

In her signature T-shirt look but with jeans because it is October after all!

When I first saw this picture of her wearing this dress, I want to rub off those specks of dirt off of it. Then, I realized that it was a part of her dress.

Short and flowy is another trademark of Hayden's fashion style. That and shorts with a long T-shirt.

I absolutely adore this white dress on her. She's out with her younger brother (who is dressed as a young Miami Vice guy with that jacket) and mom Leslie who reminds me of Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dinah more and more.

Julia Roberts at Healthy Weight

It's good to see Julia Roberts out and about. Even when she was most popular, I was never a fan. Her acting is very one dimensional. Looks like her baby weight hasn't been shed the Hollywood speed yet.

However, she is looking great! I feel like Rachel McAdams reminds me of her, although Rachel's range is much greater.